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There are a few types of pickups in Enter the Gungeon. Pickups can be acquired in a variety of ways, such as completing rooms, purchasing them from Shops, finding them in Chests, destroying chests, and defeating Bosses.

Upon clearing a room, there is a chance that ammo may spawn. If the player has any gun that does not have infinite ammo, the chances of getting ammo are equal to the floor's ammo chance (in the table below), multiplied by 1.5 if you are playing in co-op, and multiplied by 1+(curse/20). There is a 50% chance that this generated ammo is regular ammo, and a 50% chance that the ammo is spread ammo.

Floor 1 2/Oub/3/Abbey 4/5/6
Ammo Chance 6% 8.5% 9%

There is an additional 20% chance (30% in co-op) that a pickup spawns upon clearing a room, selected randomly from the weighted loot table below.

Half Heart.png
Half Heart
Full Heart
Supply Drop.png
Supply Drop
Hegemony Credit.png
Hegemony Credit
Money 5.png
Silver Shell
Golden Shell.png
Gold Shell
Glass Guon Stone.png
Glass Guon Stone
36.06% 24.36% 4.345% 6.09% 0.03045% 0.03045% 10.64% 3.045% 0.1479% 6.09% 0.1479% 9.1176%


Shells (also referred to as casings or coins) are the game's main form of currency, and are often dropped by enemies upon their death. They stay on the ground until retrieved or until combat finishes, at which point they will slide across the floor to the player. Occasionally, they can get stuck doing this and have to be collected manually. They can be used to purchase items in Shops and make wagers with various NPCs. Shells that fall into pits will reappear on top of the player, and usually be automatically collected.

All enemies that will self-destruct will not drop shells.

Enemies that die from traps triggered by the player such as chandeliers or explosive barrels will give less shells.

The shells dropped by Loot Bag won't be automatically collected, and will disappear after a brief moment. The player needs to walk over them so that they can be picked up.

Money.png is worth 1 shell.

Money 5.png is worth 5 shells.

Golden Shell.png is worth 50 shells.


Heart.pngHalf Heart.png

Hearts replenish the player's health upon picking them up. As expected, half hearts will restore half a heart of health, while full hearts heal a full heart.

The Robot cannot pick up hearts as it does not have any heart containers.

If the player has full health, they can interact with health pickups to save them for later. This health may then be picked up at a health dispenser located at the entrance to the next floor and at shops. The amount of health stored in the dispenser will be reset each floor. A drawing at the bottom left of the map (not the mini-map) indicates how many half-hearts are currently stored in the dispenser. In the Forge, hearts stored will appear in the elevator room where you first spawn. If the player picks up a full heart while missing only half a heart, the second half will not be stored.

Hearts can be stored for later in Bullet Hell, in which case the health dispenser will appear in the entrance of Bullet Hell and the room just before the Lich.



Armor is appended to the end of the player's health bar upon pickup, and the player can carry multiple pieces of armor. Armor absorbs one hit, after which it is destroyed. Whenever armor is destroyed, a Blank is activated for free.

If the player is hit by an attack that deals more than half a heart of damage, such as a jammed bullet, only one armor will be destroyed.

Armor will be stolen by the Resourceful Rat if the player leaves the room.

Armor carries over to the past, except for the past of the Pilot.

The Old Crest will not be carried over to the past.

If you lose armor when you are in a room with a secret room connected to it, you will open the secret room. This can be possible by using items like Cigarettes.


Main Page: Blank



Keys are used to open locked chests and doors, as well as the trapdoor to the Oubliette and the trapdoor to the passageway to the Resourceful Rat's Lair.

Every Shop apart from the Forge's shop will always have at least one key for sale.

Flynt uses keys instead of coins in exchange for his items.

Cell Keys

Cell Key.png

Cell keys are used to open cells to free NPCs. On any floor with a cell, a cell key will drop from a random enemy on the floor (including the boss). They cannot be used as regular keys. Cell keys are automatically collected by the player if they attempt to leave them behind.

Rat Keys


Rat keys are used to open Rat Chests and certain doors. They are obtained from the third phase of the Resourceful Rat fight. They cannot be used as regular keys. Rat Keys are automatically collected by the player if they attempt to leave them behind.



Ammo fully replenishes the player's currently held weapon's ammunition upon picking it up. Ammo cannot be picked up if the weapon the player is holding has full or infinite ammo.

Ammo will be stolen by the Resourceful Rat if the player leaves the room, unless it is a secret room.

Spread Ammo

Spread Ammo.png

The Spread Ammo box restores 50% of the ammo of the currently held weapon and 20% to all other weapons (rounded up). It was added in the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns Update and is also stealable by the Resourceful Rat. When playing co-op, the spread ammo will give 20% ammo to all other weapons the other player has, too.

Hegemony Credits

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