Mutant Bullet Kin

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Mutant Bullet Kin
Mutant Bullet Kin.png
Statistics and Information
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
20 26.67 26 33.33 32 37 42
Location: Oubliette
Bullet Hell
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Mutant Bullet Kin.png

Old Filthful
Living sealed in the filthy depths of the Gungeon's Oubliette has caused these Gundead to mutate.

Isolation has driven them mad, but they still remember their deadly purpose.

Mutant Bullet Kin are a Bullet Kin variant which appears in Enter the Gungeon.


Mutant Bullet Kin behave like regular Bullet Kin, but have higher health and will occasionally stop to release a cone of poison goop if the player is near to them horizontally. They are immune to the poison status effect.

The attack pattern of a Mutant Bullet Kin


  • Mutant Bullet Kin carry the Magnum.
  • The Shotgun Kin equivalent of the Mutant Bullet Kin is the Mutant Shotgun Kin.
  • The Ammonomicon subtitle of the Mutant Bullet Kin references Old Faithful, a geyser in Yellowstone National Park.


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