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Just unlocked it from killing the Kill Pillars in Rainbow mode just now. Not exactly sure what the unlock condition was for it though.

Garbage tier item.

Doesn't even attack half of the time and even if, it does barely any damage

Unlocked from beating Kill Pillars in a normal run, I have Dog, Ser Junkan, and R2G2. Might just be related to having minions?

Unlock method:

Appears to be related to having multiple companions when acquiring the Baby Good Mimic. I just unlocked it on floor 4 by having the Clown Mask and the Pig.

Unsure about that. I just unlocked it from my first Master Chamber IV against Wallmonger. I had no minions at all (except for Dog). Here was my loadout: (the two things below the edge are Master Chamber II and Heart Purse).

---Different poster here: I also unlocked him after beating Kill Pillars with a Baby Good Mimic transformed into Badge (no master round though). The unlock method definetely isn't "Finish a run with Baby Good Mimic", from what I see it must be "finish the boss of the Hollow" with Baby Good Mimic (not sure if transformed or not, mine was transformed during the Black Powder Mine).

It says "or cause a chest to explode with baby good mimic" as a way to unlock. I got mine without baby good mimic or any companions after beating wallmonger without taking any hits for the first time.

I unlocked it by completing the Hollow boss 5 times I think. It's definetly not cause a chest to explode using Baby Good Mimic because I haven't figured how to do that