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Coolness is a Stat in Enter the Gungeon which has various gameplay effects on active items, loot drops, and more.

The default Coolness for all Gungeoneers is 0.

Effects of Coolness

  • Coolness reduces the cooldown of active items by 5% per point up to a maximum reduction of 50%.
  • The chance for a chest to have a fuse decreases by 2.5% per point in coolness, to a maximum reduction of 10%.
  • Coolness increases the base chance of receiving a chest or pickup drop upon clearing a room.
    • The chance starts off at (1+[coolness]-[curse])%, and for every room cleared without getting a reward, it increases by a fixed amount (approximately 9% in a normal single-player run), up to a maximum of 85% on floor 1, or 80% on any other floor. When a reward is dropped after clearing a room it goes back to (1+[coolness]-[curse])%.
      • The effect of negative drop chance is unknown.
  • The chance for Vorpal Gun to fire its critical shot increases with coolness.


Item Interaction
Increases Coolness by 3
Increases Coolness by 1 every time it is used.
Heart of Ice.png
Heart of Ice
Increases Coolness by 2
Ice Cube.png
Ice Cube
Increases Coolness by 3
Iron Coin.png
Iron Coin
Increases Coolness by 2
Dropping the Iron Coin loses this buff, but using it makes the +2 Coolness permanent.
Magic Sweet.png
Magic Sweet
Increases Coolness by 3
Increases Coolness by 2 while held.
Dropping the Orange loses this buff, but using it makes the +2 Coolness permanent.
Gun Interaction
Old Goldie.png
Old Goldie
Increases Coolness by 1
Rad Gun.png
Rad Gun
Increases Coolness by 2
Shades's Revolver.png
Shades's Revolver
Increases Coolness by 3


Sixth Chamber

The Sixth Chamber behaves in a way which is superficially similar to a Coolness modifier, but does not actually alter the stat whatsoever.
The Sixth Chamber decreases active item cooldowns by 5% and increases the chance of room clear rewards by 2% for each point of Curse the player has, mimicking the effects of Coolness by interacting directly with the active item and room reward systems.
Additionally, the Sixth Chamber removes the negative impact of curse upon room drop chances.


  • If the player has Cigarettes and Crisis Stone, they can theoretically attain an unlimited amount of coolness by using Cigarettes during Crisis Stone's invulnerability periods.
  • With Cigarettes, GuNNER, and the Holey Grail, the player may use Cigarettes, and then simply heal the health lost by picking up the skull spawned as part of GuNNER's passive effect.
    • This strategy also indirectly works as a source of infinite ammo.
  • If the player has Cigarettes and Gun Soul, they can get theoretically infinite coolness by using Cigarettes until dying, activating Gun Soul, and using its revive effect. It should be noted that the player is left at one heart after the fact, making this strategy risky.
  • While Coolness and Curse do cancel each other out in certain cases, such as room reward chances and chest fuses, they are not direct opposites as Curse has no effect on active item cooldowns or the Vorpal Gun.
  • With 84 coolness on floor 1 and 79 coolness on all other floors, the maximum reward drop chance is reached immediately.
  • The critical shot chance of the Vorpal Gun is based on the total combined coolness of both players in Co-op mode, not just the player who holds the weapon.