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Stats are the player's core attributes that govern their prowess in running, gunning, and more as they delve into the depths of the Gungeon. Stats can be altered in a variety of ways, with the most common being via the collection of Items. Stats are reset at the beginning of every run.

Bionic Leg.png Movement Speed
Lichy Trigger Finger.png Rate of Fire
Scope.png Accuracy
Heart Lunchbox.png Health
Ice Cube.png Coolness
-1 Bullets.png Damage
Rocket-Powered Bullets.png Projectile Speed
Ammo Belt.png Ammo Capacity
Oiled Cylinder.png Reload Speed
Ghost Bullets.png Piercing
Fat Bullets.png Knockback
Curse Icon.png Curse
Drum Clip.png Clip Capacity
Bouncy Bullets.png Bouncing
Frost Ammolet.png Additional Blanks
Armor of Thorns.png Dodge Roll Damage
Galactic Medal of Valor.png Damage To Bosses
Red Guon Stone.png Dodge Roll Speed
Question Mark.png Other


  • Stats do not take effect until the player undergoes a 'recalculation'. Recalculations occur whenever the player takes damage, picks up or drops any item or gun, the player changes what gun they currently have equipped, or a variety of other niche triggers. Many items which modify stats temporarily (such as Macho Brace) have their own trigger events to accommodate their effects.
    • The Lord of the Jammed only appears when the player triggers a stat recalculation while at 10 Curse or above. This means that upon entering a new floor, provided they have no items that trigger stat recalculations on other criteria, the player can avoid spawning the Lord of the Jammed if they avoid taking damage, picking up items, or swapping guns among other things.


Governs how many bonus active items the player is able to hold. This number is not the player's total active item slots, but instead how many more actives they can hold in addition to their one guaranteed slot. E.g.: Having an Additional Item Capacity of 0 does not mean you can hold no actives, it means that you can hold a maximum of one item. Having an Additional Item Capacity of 1 means that you can hold two active items.

The default Additional Item Capacity for all characters is 0, but since the Pilot starts with Hidden Compartment (which increases Additional Item Capacity by 1) he will always functionally start with an Additional Item Capacity of 1.

Items that interact with Additional Item Capacity

Item Interaction
Hidden Compartment.png
Hidden Compartment
Increases additional item capacity by 1.
Increases additional item capacity by 1.
Utility Belt.png
Utility Belt
Increases additional item capacity by 1.
Resourceful Sack.png
Resourceful Sack
Increases additional item capacity by 3.

Additional Item Capacity Notes

  • If AdditionalItemCapacity is somehow set to -1, this removes the inherent single active item slot that the player usually always has. This does not prevent the player from picking up active items, but it prevents them from being seen, used, dropped, or viewed in the ammonomicon, essentially deleting them upon pickup.
    • This effect is impossible to achieve in game, however, as there is no vanilla way to decrease Additional Item Capacity.