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On whether or not bayonetta trivia is appropriate for this item...

Idk, it seems like its debatable on whether or not the devs took inspiration from bayonetta when making this item... feel free to edit my entry to make it more "wiki appropriate", but it seems silly to dismiss the parallels altogether, when the function and description of the item is similar to the function and description of the mechanic within bayonetta... yes, the concept isn't exactly unique to bayonetta, but at least address the issue of how else would they have paid homage to bayonetta, if this wasn't meant to do so... "dodge this" reminds me more of bayonetta than it does the matrix, as its similar to one of her many catchphrases. Matrix introduced the bullet time dodging, but they don't mention anything of the sort within universe, iirc.

My point: its arguable. And like I said in my edit, there are 3 to 4 references that could be construed as coming from bayonetta, the matrix, max payne, any other bullet time focused game, or all of the above. Perhaps it was simply meant to reference the usage of bullet time in prominent media in general, not just a specific franchise, as well.

Edit: a decent compromise is to just say something about bullet time being a popular trope, where it likely originated from, and just linking to "bullet time" on tvtropes or something to that effect, if the above still doesn't change your mind.