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Disambigsprite.png This article is about the enemy modifier. For the invulnerable threat that spawns upon reaching ten curse, see Lord of the Jammed.
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The Jammed are special enemy variants in Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon, easily identified by their signature crimson shader and billowing clouds of black smoke.

How often enemies become Jammed depends on the players curse levelETG/comboXTG.


Most enemies can become Jammed, including bosses. The exact effects of becoming jammed are as follows:

  • Jammed enemies deal a full heart of damage, twice as much as regular enemies.
    • This applies to bullets (which have a unique black and red appearance) and contact damage.
    • This does not apply to other methods of attack such as explosions.
    • Armor offers effective protection against this, as Jammed attacks still only break one armor piece at a time.
  • Jammed enemies drop more Money.png.
  • Jammed regular enemies have their health multiplied by 3.5, with an additional 10 bonus health after the multiplier (health * 3.5 + 10).
  • Jammed bosses have their health multiplied by 1.2, with an additional 100 bonus health after the multiplier (health * 1.2 + 100).
  • Jammed Keybullet KinETG and Chance KinETG will fade from existence faster, and will drop two of their respective pickup upon death.
  • The BeholsterETG will fire four rockets instead of two when jammed.


Enter the Gungeon
Curse Jammed Chance
Enemies Bosses
0 0% 0%
1 1% 0%
2 1% 0%
3 2% 0%
4 2% 0%
5 5% 0%
6 5% 0%
7 10% 20%
8 10% 20%
9 25% 30%
10+ 50% 50%



  • The Beholster is the only boss which has an altered attack pattern when jammed.
  • Curse values lower than 0 have no effect on Jammed enemy frequency.
  • A plushie depicting a red Bullet Kin was, for a time, sold on the official Devolver Digital Merch Store along with other Bullet Kin variants, where it was marked as the Bloodshot Bullet Kin. This plushie did not seem to be even loosely based on an existing enemy in Enter the Gungeon, and as such may have been intended to represent a Jammed Bullet Kin. Despite this, the slug of the Bloodshot Bullet Kin was white rather than red, leaving the matter unclear.
  • Being "Jammed" is a pun on the concept of being "Damned", which refers to being doomed or forsaken, especially in the context of being condemned to eternal punishment in a religious context, as well as 'jams' which is an informal way of referring to a malfunction in the mechanical operation of a gun.
  • A Jammed Bullet Kin is the subject of the Level 5 Enter the Gungeon Steam Profile Badge, titled Jammed.


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