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Combo is an attribute found exclusively in Exit the Gungeon. It is raised by killing the Gundead, and lowered down to a Combo of 1 by being hurt. Using a blank does not reset Combo to 1, however it does reset all progress to the next combo level from the current one.

Your combo affects the following things during gameplay:

  • The quality of guns that the Sorceress' blessed gun may morph into.
  • The quality of chest rewarded by Daisuke.
  • The power level of Ser Junkan.
  • A higher combo level increases the likelihood of Jammed enemies and bosses appearing.

Combo Based Unlocks

Unlock Condition Unlock
Reach a Combo of 10
Reach a Combo of 20
Ser Junkan
Lose a Combo of 15 or higher
Ammolet of Endurance.png
Ammolet of Endurance