Master Round (VI)

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Master Round (VI)
File:Master Round (VI).png
Type: Passive
Quality: N/A
Ammonomicon Entry
Final Chamber
This impossible artifact indicates mastery of the final chamber.

A holy shell. Simply looking upon it bestows a great peace upon your soul. The Gungeon is at rest.

Master Round (VI) is an unused passive item that was likely a final Master Round for flawlessly beating the Lich.


  • Most likely would have granted an extra heart container, in keeping with the other Master Rounds.


  • It is possible that the reason this item was removed was due to it being useless, since killing the Lich ends the run.
  • Since "The Sixth Round remains unfired" (as per the 5th Master Round's text), it is possible that this is the bullet seen killing The Gungeon itself once the Lich is defeated.

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