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This page is for listing cut and/or unused stuff in Enter the Gungeon. For content from earlier Pre-Alpha versions of the game, see Pre-Alpha Content.

Super Boss Rush

This is an unused version of Boss Rush that most likely included secret bosses such as the Lich and the Old King.

Developer comments in the code state it should be unlocked after beating normal Boss Rush, Blobulord, Resourceful Rat, Blockner, Old King, Lich, and a boss referred to as “shopkeep” who is likely the unused Shopkeeper Boss.

This is further supported by the presence of assets for Boss Rush levels of the Abbey of the True Gun, Oubliette, and Bullet Hell.

The Tinker has dialogue referring to it: Unlock dialogue:

  • “Hey, I have a new elevator for you, past-killer. You should check it out.”

Selection dialogue:

  • “Very Special Challenge! Super Boss Rush!”


  • This mode is likely a response to the many requests by players of a way to practice secret bosses.
  • This mode may also be a reference to the special true arenas found at the end of most Kirby games.


There are several unused companions present in the game. Only one of them has been seen in game footage.



  • Summoned by the unused item Raccoon. Its function was to carry the player across trap rooms based on an unknown trigger.
  • It has only been seen in a screenshot in the AG&D Steam Announcement.




  • This companion has an unknown effect and may be related to the Resourceful Rat.


There are remnants of a simple tutorial that seems to have been scrapped in favor of Ser Manuel's tutorial.


There are also variations of these with keyboard controls instead of controller.


Drunkard Quotes

  • Bunker: "The Gundead have grown quite industrious. To be organized enough to occupy that bunker... Well, it's interesting, don't you think? Hah..."

Enemy/Companion/NPC Behaviours

Certain attacks or behaviours that may have been removed from enemies, companions, or NPCs that still exist within the game. (Or old sprites of existing behaviours)

Icon Name Behaviour Name Description
Cubulead Old Attack An old version of the Cubulead's attack in which it solidifies into an actual metal block, bolted and everything.

This was likely the attack during which the Cubulead would be immune to damage, something referenced repeatedly as being an ability of the Cubulead but never demonstrated.

Fairy pot .png Gun Fairy Fairy Pot A purple pot that rocks back and forth. Presumably a special pot guaranteed to spawn a Gun Fairy as opposed to the 0.05% chance given to every pot in the actual game.
Junkan Talking.png Ser Junkan Talking Sprites for Ser Junkan talking.
Snitch Brick Walking.png Snitch Brick Walking Sprites for the Snitch Brick summoned by the Brick of Cash walking about.
Gargoyle bullet spawn 002.png Bullet Gargoyle Spawning Sprites for the Bullet Gargoyle in the R&G Dept starting off as a stony statue, and turning into flesh as opposed to instantly spawning like they do in game.
Muncher Talking.png Muncher Talking Sprites for the Muncher at an angle with its mouth open, labelled as 'talking'.
Old Gat Idle Sprite.png Gat Idle Old sprites for the Gat idling.
Old Gat Pitfall.png Gat Pitfall Old sprites for the Gat falling into a pit, despite it flying in the current version of the game.
Old Gat Open.png Gat Open Old sprites for the Gat opening.
Old Gat Firing.png Gat Fire Old sprites for the Gat firing bullets, labelled differently to it simply being open.
Gat Damaged Old.png Gat Hit Old sprites for the Gat taking damage.
Gun Nut Bursting.png Gun Nut Burst Sprites for the Gun Nut bursting apart in a cloud of smoke.
Glowing Green Gun Nut Corpse.pngSpectral Gun Nut unused spawn.png Spectral Gun Nut Spawn Sprites of a regular Gun Nut's corpse beginning to glow green, before a fluorescent green wisp emerges and turns into a Spectral Gun Nut.
Red Kill Pillar.png Kill Pillars Red Sprites for a red Kill Pillar appearing extremely angry and aggressive.

Possibly an early version of the Pillar's second phase, with this 'Red' pillar being the alternative to Kaliber possessing the final pillar.



There are several unused tilesets for chambers in the game, ranging from the belly of a great beast to a spaceship. These do not exist as actual chambers that you can change to (even using mods), but it is possible to force a particular tileset to be displayed on any chamber.


Unused Jungle Tileset.jpgAnother screenshot of Jungle..jpg

(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqCJr39TjbE)

  • This tile set stands out in that it has an added rain and storm effect making this one look like a floor taking place outside the Gungeon. Not much is known on what this tile set was planned to be used for. More info may be added if any new information comes to light.
  • A video has been posted showing this tile set in action on a test floor (above image has a link to it). It was loaded via an unused test flow called "test_west_floor_03a_flow" which is a test floor that appears meant for the West tile set. That floor appears to have rooms mostly from the Hollow but ends with the Old King. This suggests that West was a beta version of the Abbey of the True Gun secret floor. A few unused destructible objects like a couple Cacti in the starting room can be seen in the test video showing the Jungle tile set.


Unused Belly.pngScreenshot of -Belly- unused Tileset.jpg

(Info here soon)

  • This tileset is supposed to be the belly of a giant monster. Trying to load it (e.g. with mods) will softlock the game.
  • This tileset could also be a reference to a floor in The Binding of Isaac called “The Womb”. This is also supported by the fact that it is referred to in the game files as “Monstro”, the name of the most famous boss in the same game.
  • It could also be a reference to the whale from Pinocchio as they share the name "Monstro" and the whale's belly is a setting in the movie
  • Besides these two pictures not much else is known about this unused floor.


Screenshot of Phobos. An unused tile set in ETG..jpgAnother screenshot of Phobos..jpg

(Info here soon)

  • This tileset appears to be a "past" version of the Future tile set. Does not have its own music track but does reuse the door open/close sound FX from Future. It also is not missing detail around areas with pits like with most of the other unused tilesets.
  • Bears a striking resemblance to the tile set found in the R&G department.
  • The tileset may be a reference to DOOM, as the first chapter of the game occurs on Phobos (one of Mars' moons) and the tiles (e.g. green water, yellow and grey doors) resemble the levels from the chapter.

Old West

West Tile Set Entrance.jpgScreenshot of Canyon section of Old West tileset..jpgScreenshot of Old West Tileset in ETG.jpgFragment of what remains of Old West tileset..jpg

(Info here soon)

  • Possibly the “undiscovered chamber” from the Cactus’s Ammonomicon description.
  • A test Gungeon flow still exists for this tile set. Although this flow is not functional with this tileset due to using rooms with pits which causes exceptions when the tileset was forced active via mods. (softlocks at load screen)
  • The unused test Gungeon Flow spawns two Cacti objects in the starting chamber. They take about 2 shots from a gun to destroy and can't be destroyed by walking/rolling into them like most other scenery objects.
  • Remnants of this tileset still exist in the current builds of the game. The "canyon" sections of the tileset are recolored and used as a placeholder tileset sprite collection for the Pilot's past. It is not normally seen by the player. However thanks to Nevernamed at YouTube, it was revealed by using the Drill on a chest in one of the Guneoneers pasts. That version of this tileset had the canyon tiles with a heavy purple tint to them with some change to the ground's color as well. All the pasts use this same place holder tileset. But it is unseen because special room prefabs are used to display the rooms instead of the normal tileset system.
  • The old west doors are setup to close automatically when the player passes through them. They do not stay open like all other doors in the game. The only doors that do not exhibit this behavior with this tileset active is the doors to the Shop since this room uses its own set of doors.

Derelict Hulk

(Info and images here)

  • Called "Spaceship" in the files.
  • This may be a reference to The Cosmonaut, and was originally supposed to be their past.


(Info and images here)

  • This floor may or may not exist, no actual evidence has been found.


(Info and images here)


Unused interactive objects such as chests, doors, etc.

Icon Name Description
OldDoor.png 'Door' A large, more realistically styled dungeon door.
Bulby Chest.pngChest Bulby-Red.png Bulby Chest A collection of sprites for a large, more realistically styled dungeon chest. As well as one of the unused 'Red' Chests inexplicably titled as Bulby as well.
Chest Bulby-Red.png 'Red' Chest A reddish brown chest with no apparent connection to the actual A tier chests in game.
OldLockedDoor.pngLockedDoor Crumbling.png Locked Door An old design for a locked door. Seems to crumble dramatically upon being opened.
Old Explosive Barrel.png Red Barrel An old design for the explosive barrel, looking much rounder and squatter.
Rat Teleporter.png Rat Teleporter An odd blue teleporter, likely related to the Resourceful Rat, and possibly related to the Resourceful Rat's Lair.


Icon Name Effect Notes
AlarmMushroom.png Alarm Mushroom (Red) Unknown.
  • Cut from the Hollow, apparently due to it being annoying to play with. Has leftover sprites for activating, breaking, and idling.
  • Inspired by the 'shrieker' fungus from Dungeons & Dragons.
Green Alarm Mushroom.png Alarm Mushroom (Green) Unknown.
  • Likely similar to the Red Alarm Mushroom, but it has fewer sprites leftover.
Rat Cube Trap.png Rat Trap Stone Slams towards the player if they line up with it horizontally or vertically, like a permanently invincible Mountain Cube.
  • Due to the name, it was likely cut from the Resourceful Rat's Lair, which currently does not have any trap rooms.
Axe Trap.png Axe Trap Unknown. None.
Bayonet Trap.png Bayonet Trap Unknown. None.
MovingBlock Trap.png Moving Block Unknown.
  • May have behaved similar to spiked blocks in the Binding of Isaac, moving towards the player when they line up with it horizontally or vertically, a behaviour that was later inherited by the Mountain Cube.
Spinning Spike.png Spinning Spike Unknown. None.
Turret gun .png Turret Gun Unknown.
  • May have been an earlier form of the current Minecart turrets.
Beam turret .png Beam Turret Unknown.
  • May have fired lasers at the player.


Any old object that had no (or extremely minimal) interaction to it.

Icon Name Description
Old Door (Left).pngOld Door (Right).png Door An old design for the simple doors between rooms.
Old Blue Pot.pngOld Red Pot.png Red and Blue Pots Old designs for the decorative pots.
Rat figure.png Rat Figure A golden statue of the Resourceful Rat, similar to the statues of the Gungeoneers seen around the Keep of the Lead Lord.


Unused sprites for enemy projectiles.

Icon Name Description
Old Astral Projection.png Astral Projection A bullet spirit similar to the current projections spawned by Wizbangs.
Blue Black Bullet.png Blue Black Bullet A black bullet with a blue outline, standing in stark contrast to the bright reds used in almost every other in-game projectie.
Blue White Bullet.png Blue White Bullet Similar to the Blue Black Bullet but with a white interior.
Unused Cube Projectile.png Cube A spinning cubic bullet reminiscent of an Ammo Pickup.
Unused Cue Ball Projectile.png Cue Ball An odd red line labelled as a 'cue ball'.
Dung Projectile Spawn.pngDung Projectile.png Dung Has sprites for growing in mass during its creation, rather than just being instantly fired.

May relate to Doug (as he is a dung beetle) or the Poopulon.

Unused Rock Projectile.png Rock A jagged, stony projectile.
Unused Eyeball Projectile.png Eyeball An eye that blinks as it flies though the air.

May relate in some way to the Beholster or the Beady, as they are heavily eye themed.

Giant Ball.png Giant Ball A large spherical bullet that (unlike other large bullets in the game) has no shading or animation to it whatsoever.
Fridge Maiden Can.png Fridge Maiden Can A spinning soda can shaped projectile related to the Fridge Maiden enemy in the R&G Department.

Presumably part of some unused attack.

Icicle bullet.png Ice Blobulon Projectile A more detailed icicle projectile presumably meant to be fired by Blizzbulons, as opposed to the simpler spiky bullets they wound up with.
Blue Icicle Projectile.png Ice Blobulon Projectile (Blue) Similar to the 'Ice Blobulon Projectile' but properly coloured blue, unlike most other projectiles in the game.
Meduzi Gaze Projectile Unused.png Meduzi Gaze Projectile A white projectile seemingly intended to be part of the Gorgun's petrifying attack, despite this attack in the final game being made up of a wave effect and not an actual projectile.
Ninja Star Projectile.png Ninja Star A projectile modeled after a ninja's shuriken.

May have something to do with the unused Ninja character.

Paper projectile.png Paper A sheet of paper, animated as if it were slowly gliding to the ground.

May have something do to with the Bookllet, as it bears a remarkable resemblance to the decorative paper effects left behind upon a Bookllet's demise.

Plus Sign Projectile.png Plus Sign A projectile resembling the '+' symbol.
Resourceful rat enemy dagger projectile .png Resourceful Rat Enemy Dagger A large dagger related in some way to the Resourceful Rat.
Small Rocket Projectile.png Rocket A smaller version of the rockets fired by the Treadnaught or Resourceful Rat during his mech phase.
Shelleton Shell Projectile.png Shelleton Shell An unused, completely coloured shell presumably meant to be fired by the Shelleton.
Skull curse projectile.png Skull Curse A wispy skull projectile that somewhat resembles the VFX that appears when the player gains a level of Curse.
Skull Projectile.png Skull A projectile resembling a human skull.
Small spinning crescent projectile.png Small Spinning Crescent A small crescent shaped bullet.
Spinning crescent projectile.png Spinning Crescent A large crescent shaped bullet.
Spinning crescent projectile.png Sonic Boom A bullet identical to the 'Spinning Crescent' but labelled instead as 'Sonic Boom'.
Spiritbomb projectile .png Spiritbomb An unused 'spiritbomb' that appears to grow in size. Looks similar to the Revolvenant's hand.
Triangle trio projectile.png Triangle Trio A bullet that visually appears to be three smaller bullets locked in a triangular formation.
Water drop projectile.png Water Drop A bullet resembling a water droplet.
Wheel projectile .png Wheel A spinning bullet that somewhat resembles a wagon wheel.
Dragun eye projectile.png Dragun Eye A rotating eye projectile that has been in the files since the Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update.

Likely related to the Advanced Dragun.

Unused Eyeball Thing.png Eyeball A large rotating eye that seemingly has nothing to do with the already established unused eyeball projectile.

Interestingly, this eye is not labelled as a projectile, and shares a similar colour scheme to the Skull Turrets summoned by the Advanced Dragun. This means that this eyeball may have originally been a sort of summoned support projectile, that fired projectiles of its own while not quite being an enemy.