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R&G Dept.
Chamber ???
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Hollow Forge
Enemy Health Scale: 210%
Item Cost Scale: 200%
Bosses: Cam Clarke As Agunim
Music Tracks:

Office Party Massacre (Office)
Inter Office Annihilation (Office)
Hulk Melting (Futuristic)
Hulk Destruct Button (Futuristic)

Rngdept header.png

The R&G Department is the fourth secret chamber of The Gungeon. Like all secret chambers, the R&G Dept. only appears in Enter the Gungeon. It is a combined office building and laboratory that, based on the name, seems to exist to provide research and development services.

To access the R&G Dept, the player must have a Master Round in their inventory by the time they reach the Hollow. This will cause a guaranteed special room containing the Sell Creep NPC to appear in the Hollow.
If this Sell Creep is given any two items or guns, as well as a Master Round, he will retreat into the darkness and blow open his grate. Jumping down the grate will take the player to the R&G Dept.


RNGDept Layout.png

The R&G Dept. has a fixed layout, meaning it is the same every single time it is entered, unlike every other chamber of the Gungeon with the exception of the Halls of Knowledge. It contains no Shop, no Secret Room, and no Chest rooms, although chests and other pickups can still drop on room clear.
Despite the fixed layout of the chamber, the enemies within the rooms vary greatly between runs, with almost every enemy spawn having a high degree of variance on what it can turn out to be.

The R&G Dept. is also the only chamber to have two different main tilesets, with the lower three rectangle shaped rooms of the floor using a high tech futuristic aesthetic, while the other rooms are styled after an office building.

The boss foyer of this chamber does not contain a corridor to the boss, instead having an interactible ladder which takes the player to the bossroom. Cam Clarke as Agunim is one of only two bosses within the Gungeon to have a unique boss foyer, the other being the High Dragun.

There is no exit elevator on this chamber. After defeating Agunim, the player must throw themselves off the top of the rooftop arena, which will take them to the Forge.


Cam Clarke As...


None of the enemies (including the boss) in the R&G Dept. have official Ammonomicon entries. In addition, all of them exhibit behavior derived from other existing enemies.

Click expand to view the R&G Dept. enemy table.
Icon Name Area Base Health Description
Office Bullet Kin.png Office Bullet Office 20 Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.
Office Bullette Kin.png Office Bullette Office 20 Has pitched-up voice clips.

Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.

Western Bullet Kin.png Western Bullet Kin Office 22.5 Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.
Pirate Bullet Kin.png Pirate Bullet Kin Office 15 Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.
Bullet Fish.png Bullet Fish Futuristic 15 Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.
Red Bullet Fish.png Red Bullet Fish Futuristic 15 Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin.
Candle Guy.png Candle Guy Office 15 Behaves identically to the Bullet Kin, aside from its bullets being visually on fire.

Extremely visually similar to the stationary Candle Kin present in the High Priest's bossroom during Challenge Mode.

While it appears to hover visually, it is not actually capable of flight.

Brollet.png Brollet Office 15 Shoots like a normal bullet kin, but will explode when killed or when the player comes too close.
Armoured Bullet Kin.png Knight Bullet Kin Office 25 Walks sluggishly towards the player, occasionally firing an extremely slow pointy bullet.

Wields the Wristbow, usually held by Skullets.

Pirate Shotgun Kin.png Pirate Shotgun Kin Office 30 Fires a five-shot spread of bullets that are visually slightly larger than those of an ordinary Shotgun Kin. Despite the visual change in size, the hitbox size is unchanged.

Wields Old Goldie.

Western Shotgun Kin.png Western Shotgun Kin Office 40 Attacks similarly to a Red Shotgun Kin.

On death, it will release a burst of bullets identical to the on-death attack of the Veteran Shotgun Kin.

Amidst this veteran-style blast, two bonus gigantic cannonballs will also be launched in the direction of the player.

Musket Ball Guy.png Musket Ball Guy Office 12 Rolls towards the player, charging up to fire itself at them, very similarly to a Tazie.

Only deals contact damage while firing. Harmless while rolling.

Cactus Enemy.png Cactus Office 30 Walks towards the player, releasing rings of spiky bullets around its body.
Parrot Enemy.png Parrot Office 12 Behaves identically to the Gigi.
Snake Enemy.png Snake Office 30 Attacks identically to the Veteran Shotgun Kin, except without the burst of bullets upon death.
Angry Necronomicon.png Angry Necronomicon Office 35 Can fire letter based attacks from the Bookllet, spinning shape attacks from the Apprentice Gunjurer, or random bullet spreads similar to the Gat.

Its bullets are shaped like the number '6'.

Angry Tablet.png Angry Tablet Office 25 Behaves identically to the regular Bookllet, aside from its bullets being shaped like spinning triangles.
M80 Guy.png m80 Guy Office & Futuristic 10 Runs towards the player, bursting into a line of colourful firework explosions upon getting within range.

Highly similar to a Nitra, but with a longer explosion chain.

Confirmed.png Confirmed Office & Futuristic 45 Slowly walks towards the player, periodically firing four slithering lines of bullets. Is pretty rare to see on the floor.
Fridge Maiden.png Fridge Maiden Office 60 Behaves identically to the Lead Maiden, aside from its bullets being shaped like cheese.
Gargoyle Bullet.png Bullat Gargoyle Office & Futuristic 45 Behaves identically to the Cubulon, aside from its bullets being shaped like Bullats mid-flight.
Bullet Mech.png Bullet Mech Futuristic 60 Lumbers towards the player, periodically pausing to jump twice in a row.

On the first jump, it releases a diamond-shaped blast of bullets similar to a Cubulon's attack. On the second jump it releases a more circular ring of 12 bullets.

Cylinder Enemy.png Cylinder Futuristic 15 Drifts towards the player, firing semi-random spreads of triangle shaped bullets similarly to a Gat.

Capable of flight.

Red Cylinder Enemy.png Red Cylinder Futuristic 15 Identical to the regular Cylinder, except its bullets take on a more atomic appearance.
KBullet.png KBullet Futuristic 20 Behaves identically to a Tombstoner.
Kalibullet.png Kalibullet Futuristic 20 Fires five bullets in a spray, similarly to a Skullet.
Bullet Titan.png Bullet Titan Futuristic 80 Fires large, slow-moving bullets in spreads of fire.

Wields the unused Big Gun.

Bullet Boss.png Bullet Boss Office 100 Fires large bullets in three-way spreads, in bursts of three.

Will occasionally fire with predictive aim, taking the player's movement into account.

Also wields the Big Gun.

Bullet Titaness.png Bullet Titaness Office 80 Behaves identically to the Bullet Boss.

Enemy Trivia/Notes

  • The 'Brollet' is a reference to the game 'Broforce', which also contains an enemy wearing a dynamite suicide vest. Broforce is published by Devolver Digital, like Enter the Gungeon.
  • The 'Armored Bullet Kin' releases a green swirl upon death. According to sprite names, this is actually their soul escaping through their armour.
    • This Could be a reference to Dark Souls where upon death you lose souls
  • The 'Pirate Shotgun Kin' does not have hands, unlike most other gundead in the game who handle weapons. Their weapon appears to float.
    • The Pirate Shotgun Kin's corpse also turns red upon death, likely due to it using the corpse sprites of the Red Shotgun Kin, but without applying the necessary shader to maintain the normal colours.
  • The 'Red Bullet Fish' is described as red, but it is clearly blue. This may be a reference to the rhyme 'One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish'.
  • The Cactus uses the sound effects of the Fungun when it attacks.
  • The 'Angry Necronomicon' may be related in some way to the unused 'Dread Book' enemy.
  • The 'm80 Guy' is based on real m80 fireworks, which are often used by the military for combat simulations.
  • The 'Bullet Gargoyle', based on the appearance of its bullets, may be the ultimate form of Bullat.
  • The 'Cylinder' and 'Red Cylinder' are references to the robotic enemies in Felix the Cat: The Movie, released in 1988.
  • 'KBullets' in real life are a type of armour piercing ammunition used by the German infantry in World War I due to their effectiveness against tanks.
  • No new enemies on this floor have ammonomicon entries, including the boss.
  • The 'Angry Tablet' resembles the Rosetta Stone.

Enemy Gallery


  • The R&G Department is the only floor that uses the art of what would usually be two separate floors. The first floor tileset resembles an office with desks, windows, and water coolers. The second tileset has a futuristic theme with several lights and electric props.
    • These tilesets had been in the files before A Farewell to Arms and were part of a set of unused extra floors, but were not used until the update.
  • Sense of Direction will not work on this floor, possibly due to the fact this floor is not randomly generated and has the same layout every time and possibly because this floor is not left through an elevator.
  • The R&G Department is the only floor that does not contain common enemies such as Bullet Kin, Red Shotgun Kin, Blue Shotgun Kin, and Pinheads. It contains, instead, reskins of these enemies.
  • The music featured on the floor was part of the original soundtrack, with "Office Party Massacre" and "Inter Office Annihilation" being the soundtrack to the first half of the level and "Hulk Melting" and "Hulk Destruct Button" being the soundtrack to the latter half.
  • The name is pronounced RNG, being a pun on "Random Number Generator" referencing the game being a rogue-like and R&D, "Research and Development". It is unconfirmed, however, what the acronym actually stands for, but may possibly stand for "Run & Gun".
    • The former is somewhat ironic, as the R&G Dept. is the only floor that is not randomly generated.
  • Most of the enemies and appearance of the floor reference various cut/unused content from the previous update, with tiles from the unused futuristic floor Phobos and cactus enemies that are referencing the unused West floor.
  • If the player defeats the boss while flying outside of the platform, the player will instantly fall into the next chamber without being able to retrieve the loot.


  • In the room where the player finds the giant manager Bullet Kin, we can see a table with 4 small toys which resemble the 4 main Gungeoneers. They can be seen playing with them when the player enters the room and gets mad if they destroy the table.
  • The fixed layout of this floor is mapped to appear like a gun.

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