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The Gungeon is the primary location and namesake of Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon, and Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead. It is a shifting gun-themed labyrinth of rooms and corridors, blending ancient magics and modern weaponry in a formidable fortress of firearms. Located on the distant planet Gunymede, legends tell that the Gungeon contains the greatest treasure- one worth dying over and over again for a chance to attain... a Gun That Can Kill The Past.

Seeking this treasure, adventurers from across the galaxy make a pilgrimage to the Gungeon for the chance to have another shot, to change their pasts, and their futures. To attain this impossible prize, they must... Enter the Gungeon.


The Gungeons structure is mainly segmented between various floors, called Chambers, each one consecutively deeper and deeper than the last. These Chambers are typically starkly different in appearance and general theme, but each one serves a specific purpose. Not every area or floor of the Gungeon is considered a Chamber, but some non-chamber areas such as the Breach still serve an important purpose in the structure of the Gungeon.

Breach header.png The BreachETGHoTG The entrance to the Gungeon. While not a chamber in its own right, the Breach's relative safety and non-shifting layout make it a permanent home for many of the trapped souls that would attempt to survive the Gungeon.
Hallsofknowledge header.png Halls of Knowledge
Chamber 0
A small series of connecting halls, under the control of the long-winded spirit Ser Manuel. Within these halls Ser Manuel seeks to teach new Gungeoneers in the ways of the Gungeon, to help them survive the true dangers of the depths below.
Keepoftheleadlord header.png Keep of the Lead Lord
Chamber 1
The first true Chamber of the Gungeon. A castle-like structure with outdoor gardens and grand libraries, under the command of the Lead Lord. As the Chamber closest to the surface, many parts of the Keep are exposed to the sky.
Oubliette header.png OublietteETG
Chamber ???
A dank and noxious sewer, pooling with sewage and toxic waste. Constructed of metal paneling and concrete, with wide rivers of bright green slime. Many Blobulonians have made their home in this sticky, gooey environment.
Gungeonproper header.png Gungeon Proper
Chamber 2
A grim underground dungeon, hidden away beneath the façade of civilized society in the Keep above. Iron shackles are nailed into the stone brickwork, and torture devices such as the Lead Maiden roam the halls.
Abbey header.png Abbey of the True GunETG
Chamber ???
An ancient cathedral, secreted away beneath the twisting dungeons of the Lead Lord. Here, an elder cult convenes by candlelight among their pews in fervent worship of the Gun, and the Creator.
Blackpowdermine header.png Black Powder Mine
Chamber 3
A series of winding, irregular tunnels carved from the stone on which the Gungeon is built. The Gundead toil away, mining black powder from rich ore veins beneath the structure.
Resourcefulratslair header.png Resourceful Rat's LairETG
Chamber ???
A mysterious maze of cyclopean brickwork, which not only shifts like the rest of the Gungeon, but changes the rules of its own layout on the fly. Built and controlled by the notorious Resourceful Rat.
Hollow header.png HollowETGXTG
Chamber 4
Deep, icy caverns into which a catacomb has been built- brimming with skeletons of the dead, human and Gundead alike. The icy cold forms icicles and patches of rime that, in addition to the numerous undead creatures crawling betwixt the brickwork, make this catacomb no place for the living.
Rngdept header.png R&G Dept.ETG
Chamber ???
A plastered and carpeted office building, situated in a mysterious cavern in what looks to be a giant unexplored city somewhere beneath the Hollow. Unique among the Chambers proper, the R&G Dept. does not shift its layout.
Forge header.png Forge
Chamber 5
A fiery mechanical foundry, filled with grinding gears and pistons pumping rivers of molten metal to smelt and forge both the guns and the Gundead alike. At the heart of this chamber, believed to be the last lies a great and terrible beast...
UnderbreachXTG A small underground celler, beneath the forge, that mimics the Breach at the Gungeons entrance. Like the Breach proper, the Underbreach is relatively safe and does not shift, making it habitable- although to leave the Underbreach, someone would have to go all the way back up...
Bullethell header.png Bullet HellETG
Chamber 6
Through a rift in the aimless void, beyond the curtain, lies the secret sixth chamber of the Gungeon. A vast cavern of gunfire and brimstone inhabited by creatures considered monstrous even by the standards of the regular Gundead. Here lies the true master of the Gungeon.
Blobulonianlair header.png Blobulonian LairHoTG
Final Chamber
Somewhere under the forge, nestled in secrecy, lies the mothership of the once great Blobulonian Empire, and within it, its Queen. In hiding, the Blobulonians wait in their biotech sanctuary, waiting until the time is right to strike back.

The Exterior of the Gungeon is in shambles and disarray. Rubble and boulders are visible piled high around the massive skull-shaped entrance to the fortress. Castle spires from the Keep of the Lead Lord below rise high into the sky, resembling towering rifle cartridges. The Gungeon appears to be built on an outcrop of solid ground in the midst of saltwater marshland, on the edge of an ocean or large lake. A snaking bridge of rock leads from the Gungeon to a nearby rocky plateau.

Across the water, a series of tall jagged hills or mountains are visible, with unknown spiky protrusions and what appear to be castle-like turrets of unknown origin.