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A Blobulonian ship descending upon Hegemotropolis

The Blobulonian Empire is an organisation that features heavily in the lore of all Gungeonverse games, and is comprised mostly or exclusively of Blobulonians, individuals of which appear frequently throughout The Gungeon as enemies. All Blobulonians are slime-like in shape and composition, and their names almost always include the syllables blob or ulon in some fashion.

Blobulonian is a collective term which refers to all Blobulon variants and Blobulon adjacent entities, not just baseline Blobulons.


A Blobulon, the most common Blobulonian

Baseline Blobulonians are reddish in colour, and slightly translucent. Their bodies are formed out of a viscous slime with no visible organs save for a mouth and two small black eyes. When killed, Blobulonians appear to have the ability to divide their bodies into two smaller versions of themselves[1][2], represented ingame as Blobulons splitting into Blobuloids, which then split into Blobulins. This ability is limited, as Blobulins seem unable to split.
Some Blobulonians, namely the Blobulord, are capable of reforming after subdividing.

An example of Blobulonian subdivision

Psychologically, Blobulonians are possessed by an innate 'berserker rage'[3], which compels them to literally divide and conquer, and drove the militaristic actions of their empire. Despite this, Blobulonians are not mindless, as they possess the ability to read, write, and feel emotions such as love and grief.

The Blobulonian Empire displays proficiency in genetic engineering[4] and selective breeding, altering the genome of its combatants to allow them to better suit their specific roles in Blobulonian society. Certain Blobulonians are described as ascendant, which means they have the ability to hover slightly above the ground- although it is never made clear if this is an innate ability of Blobulonians or if it is another consequence of genetic modification. Ascendant Blobulonians include Cubulons, Cubuleads, Chancebulons, and the Blobulord (Who will occasionally levitate while moving).

The most prominent example of this genetic alteration is the Poisbulon and its divisions, the Poisbuloid and the Poisbulin. Poisbulons are genetically modified to serve as chemical weapons soldiers, rendering their bodily ooze highly toxic, but also resulting in a lifetime of pain for the subject. In addition, this modification impairs the Poisbulons ability to subdivide, resulting in Poisbulons releasing a single conjoined Poisbuloid upon their deaths.

Additionally, Blizzbulons are Blobulonians which have been selectively bred in order to resist cold temperatures,[5] giving their bodies a blue, icy appearance and preventing them from being able to subdivide.

In addition to cases of confirmed gene editing or selective breeding, there are several Blobulonian types which are the result of strategy or environmental factors altering their anatomy.

Cubulons are shaped into cubes to more effectively fill space in Blobulonian transport ships. As part of an attack strategy, Cubulons store ammunition within their bodies, which they are capable of expelling from their bodies at high speed in the form of a projectile attack. Cubulons are capable of shedding their cubic structure and returning to their natural amorphous shape.
Cubulons who spend too long in a cubic shape will eventually harden, possibly as a result of the metals stored within them, turning into resilient Cubuleads. Cubuleads are unable to return to amorphous form, but exhibit the ability to consciously alter their own powerful magnetic field.
While it is never stated how the metallic Leadbulons are formed, their close likeness to the Cubulead suggests a similar 'hardening' process.

Blobulonians who have engorged themselves upon the blood of their slain foes eventually become the vicious Bloodbulon. Whether this blood-drinking adaptation is innate to all Blobulonians, or a result of more genetic modification is unknown.

The only Blobulonian unique to the Gungeon is the Poopulon, which is the result of a Blobulonian being corrupted over a prolonged period of time in Bullet Hell.

Some modifications are uniquely seen in Blobulonians of high rank within the Empire.
Some Blobulonians achieve great size, and are capable of consuming stars. Whether they must achieve great size in order to eat stars, or if eating stars causes them to grow is unknown. Regardless, this is only explicitly stated with regards to the Blobulord, although it may also be true of the Blobulon Queen.
The Blobulon Queen exclusively appears to be made out of multiple Blobulonians fused together, with dark purple connective tissue. She is also the only Blobulonian seen with a nose.


The cockpit of a Blobulonian ship

Blobulonian technology is rarely seen, as Blobulons do not wear clothes and appear to favor melee combat, and are capable of using their own bodies to fire projectiles, however some articles, such as the Membrane, do exist. The Membrane is a weapon used by the Blobulonians for its suppressive fire, although it is only described being used to quell infighting and rebellion within the empire.[6]

Blobulonian spacecraft seen in Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead have a sharp and angular exterior, dotted with irregular spikes and covered in disorderly patches of bulbous red blobulonian matter. The interior of this vessel is considerably cleaner, but tumorous blobulonian growths still emerge from the ceiling and walls. The presence of these blob-like growths upon the Blobulonian mothership suggests that Blobulonians may integrate their mechanical systems with biotechnology.
This ship is also seen dispensing small, disc-shaped craft that resemble flying saucers.

Additionally, within the Blobulonian Lair, Blobulons can be seen piloting bipedal mech-suits, equipped with dual arm-cannons and a cabin for the pilot inset into the chest. Whether these Blobulons are able to leave their mech-suits, or if they are an integrated component is unknown.

Military and Government

The Blobulonian military is divided by ranks and divisions, overseen by a general, who in turn answers to a monarchal figure who commands the empire. Infighting between rival claimants to the Blobulonian throne is mentioned.[6] Under this system, Generals themselves are ranked by how many stars they have consumed.

The named ranks and divisions are as follows.


The Blobulonian Empire once spanned a thousand planets, waging military campaigns to garner more territory for their growing dominion. This empire was not a signatory of the "Guneva Convention", a parody of the real world Geneva Conventions which forbid the use of chemical weapons, among other warcrimes. It is this refusal to be bound by the laws of war that allowed the Empire to develop the toxic Poisbulon.

During this pre-Gungeon period in Blobulonian history, heirs to the Blobulonian throne led rebellions against the reigning monarch, mimicking the power grabs and struggles of real-world human monarchy. One named example is a Blobulonian named Gel Osbro, who led a rebel force of Blobulonians to take the province of 'Goopscone' from his brother, King Visc Osbro III, the reigning monarch.
This occupation of the province was not permanent, however, as King Visc Osbro III used the suppressive fire of technology such as the Membrane, a Blobulonian invention, to take back the region.[6]

Despite their military might and practicality, the Empire attempted a military campaign through a starkly cold region of space, which they were unprepared for. Despite their attempts to resist the temperature, in particular the creation of the Blizzbulon, they were unable to survive this ill-fated expedition.

Their armies decimated, the Blobulonian Empire was effectively forced to disperse, with the reigning Blobulon Queen fleeing to the Gungeon along with her four star general in the Blobulonian mothership, which rests beneath the forge. How the ship accessed these depths, so deep underground, is unknown.

By the time of the events of Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead, the Blobulonian Empire has begun making excursions from the Gungeon once again, participating in guerilla raids on the Imperial Hegemony of Man, including kidnapping the President and returning him to the Blobulonian mothership. The motives behind this kidnapping are not fully known.

It is unknown what happened to the Blobulonians on Gunymede following its destruction.

Debatable Canonicity


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The Physical Ammonomicon entry for the Poisbulon contains a margin doodle of a giant Poisbulon with a Bullet Kin floating inside it. Based on comparison to the Bullet Kin within, this giant Poisbulon is roughly the size of the Blobulord. As the canonicity of the Physical Ammonomicon is unclear, this 'Poisbulord' is not included in the main article.


  • The fact that the Blobulonian Empire fell as a result of a disasterous campaign through a cold region may be a reference to Operation Barbarossa, the planned invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany in 1941, as part of World War II. Operation Barbarossa failed, famously in part due to Nazi Germany attempting to invade Russia during the winter, while being ill-equipped and unprepared for winter conditions.

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