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Statistics and Information
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
30 40 39 50 48 55.5 63
Location: Hollow
Abbey of the True Gun
Bullet Hell
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Bloodbulon.png

Battle Gorger
An elite knight of the Blobulonian Army, 1st Division. Feasts upon combat.

Thick and heavy with the blood of their enemies, Bloodbulons have wholly succumbed to the berserker rage inherent to all Blobulons.

Bloodbulons are powerful, tanky Blobulonian enemies that appear in Enter the Gungeon.


Bloodbulons move towards the player attempting to deal contact damage. While moving they leave a trail of inert red goop with no special effects, but which may overwrite more harmful goops such as fire or poison.

As Bloodbulons take damage, they will swell to increased size, becoming slower the larger they grow. Upon death, they release many lines of bullets in all directions.

Bloodbulons have two stages of growth, and take a certain amount of time to grow independent of how much damage they have taken. If a Bloodbulon has taken fatal damage before it has finished swelling into its largest form, all the damage that exceeded its final hit points will be nullified. Because of this, weapons that can freeze them are generally poor choices, as while they will temporarily immobilize the Bloodbulon, they will also interrupt its growing animations, and it cannot be shattered while frozen. The player will have to wait until it has fully grown, then deal one more blow to finish it off. This damage nullification does not occur with the first stage of growth.

Because of their ability to absorb large amounts of damage without results, this can make them a rather dangerous opponent when attempting to hide behind cover from other enemies.


  • Bloodbulons can be killed at any stage by being pushed into a pit, which (as an instant kill) bypasses their damage phases. Bloodbulons will not spawn bullets when pushed into a pit, even during their final growth stage.
  • If a Bloodbulon is killed by the energy ball projectile of the Combined Rifle, it will not launch bullets.
  • The sprites for the Bloodbulon have different names for each phase of growth. Phase 1 is referred to as Bloodbulon, Phase 2 is referred to as Bloodbulub, and Phase 3 is referred to as Bloodbuburst.
  • Because Bloodbulons already have an on-death bullet attack, they are unaffected by the Final Attack challenge modifier.


Stage 1

Stage 2 (Bloodbulub)

Stage 3 (Bloodbuburst)

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