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Statistics and Information
ETG Health:
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
20 26.67 26 33.33 32 37 42
XTG Health:
1 2 3 4 5
33 36.75 39 42 45
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Blobulon.png

Victory through Numbers
An assault trooper in the Blobulonian Army, 3rd Division. Capable of subdividing upon death, and overwhelming their foes with numbers.

The feared Blobulonian Empire once spanned a thousand worlds, and only began to crumble after a disastrous winter campaign through a particularly cold region of space.

Blobulons crave battle above all things, and in the Gungeon they can relive their glorious and cruel legacy.

"Blobulons! The slimy scourge of the Gungeon must be stopped." - Frifledialogue.png Frifle

Blobulons are iconic Blobulonian enemies that appear in Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon, and Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead.


Enter the Gungeon ETG

Blobulons move towards the player at a constant speed, and attempt to deal contact damage. While moving, they leave a trail of inert red goop behind themselves. This goop is harmless, but may overwrite more harmful goops such as poison or fire.

They split into two Blobuloids upon death.

On death, they split into two Blobuloids, which in turn will split into two Blobulins on death, resulting in a total of four Blobulins per each Blobulon. If a Blobulon is jammed, the Blobuloids that spawn from it are guaranteed to be jammed also.

The behaviour of a Blobulon and its descendants.

Exit the Gungeon XTG

Blobulons hop back and forth across the elevator platform in short leaps, exhibiting more bouncy movement than their counterparts in Enter the Gungeon. They do not leave any sort of goop. Blobulons do not react to their environment, only turning around upon hitting a wall. They do not actively target the player, and do not avoid ledges, meaning they are prone to jumping to their deaths.

On death, they split into two Blobulins.


  • Since The Bullet starts with Live Ammo, he can never be hurt by Blobulons.
  • XTG Due to the absence of the Blobuloid enemy in Exit the Gungeon, Blobulons drop two Blobulins directly.
  • ETG Blobulons are unaffected by the Final Attack challenge modifier.


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