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Poisbulin.png XtG Poisbulin.png
Statistics and Information
ETG Health:
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
1 1.33 1.3 1.67 1.6 1.85 2.1
XTG Health:
1 2 3 4 5
11 12.25 13 14 15
Location: Black Powder Mine
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Poisbulin.png

Poised and Ready
Poisbulins, finally free of the excrutiating experience of being a Poisbuloid, march to the song of freedom and attack with abandon.

Poisbulins are weak Blobulonian enemies that appear in Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon.


Enter the Gungeon ETG

Poisbulins move towards the player at a swift speed, attempting to deal contact damage. While moving, they leave a thin trail of poison goop behind themselves.

While there are many rooms that spawn Poisbulins directly, the most common source of Poisbulins is Poisbuloids, which spawn two Poisbulins on perishing. Poisbuloids are, in turn, spawned from the death of Poisbulons.
If Poisbulins spawn from a Poisbuloid that is jammed, they will also be jammed.

Poisbulins will always die after making contact with the player, regardless of their health. Since dodge rolling allows the player to make contact with enemies without taking contact damage, dodge rolling is an effective method of dispatching Poisbulins, even if they are jammed or buffed.

The behaviour of a Poisbulon and its descendants.

Exit the Gungeon XTG

Poisbulins move back and forth across the elevator platform, turning around when hitting a wall or edge. They do not react to the players presence. While moving, Poisbulins leave a trail of poison goop on the platform behind them.

While many elevators spawn Poisbulins directly, the most common source of Poisbulins is Poisbulons, which spawn two Poisbulins on perishing.

Performing a regular dodge roll through a Poisbulin immediately kills it. Ascending and Descending dodge rolls do not.


  • ETG Since Poisbulins die upon touching the player, items that grant contact immunity such as Live Ammo, Blast Helmet, or Armor of Thorns allow the player to kill Poisbulins by standing still.
  • ETG Poisbulins are unaffected by the Final Attack.png Final Attack and Explosive Pyre.png Explosive Pyre challenge modifiers.
  • XTG Because Poisbuloids are absent from Exit the Gungeon, Poisbulins spawn directly from Poisbulons instead. Despite this, Poisbuloids are still referenced in the Poisbulins Diginomicon entry.

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