Shotgun Kin

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Shotgun Kin are a series of high-ranking bullet based enemies found throughout all chambers. Their attacks mostly consist of wide bursts of bullets at the cost of having a generally low fire rate. Unlike Bullet Kin all variants of Shotgun Kin have unique names or adjectives, and as such there is no enemy simply called a 'Shotgun Kin'. The closest to a generic shotgun kin enemy is the Red Shotgun Kin, due to its simple appearance and basic attacks.

See below for a list of all Shotgun Kin.

Shotgun Kin Variants
  • Pirate Shotgun Kin.png Pirate Shotgun Kin
  • Western Shotgun Kin.png Western Shotgun Kin
  • Infested Shotgun Kin.png Infested Shotgun Kin

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