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Statistics and Information
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
55 73.33 71.5 91.66 88 101.75 115.5
Location: Gungeon Proper
Black Powder Mine
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator.png
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Executioner.png

Killer Kin
Unlike other Shotgun Kin, these hooded shells have been granted minor Ammomantic powers.

Deadly in groups, they are known to use chains of bullets to ensnare their foes.

Executioners are large, powerful Shotgun Kin variant enemies that appear in Enter the Gungeon.


Executioners slowly walk towards the player, firing tight disordered spreads of bullets with fast shot speed. They occasionally stop to fire 3 bullet chains towards the player, attaching them to walls. These chains disappear shortly afterwards. Upon death, they fire a chain of bullets aimed at the player and have a chance to fire 6 bullets in all directions.

After shooting a couple of times, Executioners will angrily swing their Shotguns which heavily knock back any enemies who are close enough.

In the Black Powder Mine, Executioners can hop into minecarts and ride them while attacking the player. This can only occur if the player uses Lament Configurum, as Executioners do not naturally spawn in rooms with minecarts.

Other Appearances

  • A plushie depicting an Executioner was, for a time, sold on the official Devolver Digital Merch Store along with Bullet Kin plushies and a Red Shotgun Kin plushie.


  • Executioners wield the Huntsman.
  • The physical Ammonomicon depicts Executioners guillotining Bullet Kin and transforming them into Spent.


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