Supply Drop Update

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Supply Drop Update
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Enter the Gungeon
Release date(s)
January 26, 2017 (PC),

February 3rd, 2017 (PS4)

The Supply Drop Update is a free update featuring new weapons, enemies, companions, bosses, and shrines, along with over a hundred new rooms. It also includes new pasts for The Robot and The Bullet, along with a new game mode, Challenge Mode, which makes the game much harder by adding random modifiers to each room.


Icon Name Quote Type Notes
Balloon Gun.png Balloon Gun Hot Air Semiautomatic Fires small, high-damage tornadoes. Grants flight while held. Loses all ammo if the player takes damage with the gun active.
Bullet (Gun).png Bullet Fires Guns Semiautomatic Fires rotating guns which fire streams of bullets.
Casey.png Casey Batting .50 Charged Damages enemies and reflects bullets when swung.
Crown of Guns.png Crown of Guns All Hail Automatic Sits atop the players head and when fired spins the player and sends bullets in all directions.
Devolver.png Devolver Degenerates Semiautomatic Has a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies.
Directional Pad.png Directional Pad Free Swag Automatic Fires bullets in four directions. Combos can be entered to fire fireballs or a grappling hook. After running out of ammo, it is destroyed but spawns a chest.
Dueling Laser.png Dueling Laser More interesting this way! Semiautomatic Fires a large, high-damage laser. Needs to recharge after each shot.
Hyper Light Blaster.png Hyper Light Blaster Skill Honed Sharp Semiautomatic Has very low ammo, but regenerates 1 ammo if a shot hits an enemy.
Mourning Star.png Mourning Star Satellite Rain Beam Calls down an orbital laser cannon onto the targeted enemy.
Rad Gun.png Rad Gun Totally Rad Semiautomatic When reloading, if the reload button is hit at the right time, the gun's power is increased.
Robot's Left Hand.png Robot's Left Hand See You Later Automatic Rapidly fires blue lasers.
Shell.png Shell Fires Shotguns Semiautomatic Fires several shotguns, each of which fires several bullets.
Starpew.png Starpew Reap And Sow Charged Fires water droplets. Can be charged to increase the number of droplets fired.
Strafe Gun.png Strafe Gun Bleeding Edge Gameplay Automatic Fires nails that explode.
Vorpal Gun.png Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber Semiautomatic Has a small chance to fire a critical shot which deals increased damage.


Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Battle Standard.png Battle Standard Passive Set Your Own! Increases the effectiveness of companions and charmed enemies.
Bloody 9mm.png Bloody 9mm Passive Be Realistic Adds a chance to fire a fast, homing, piercing bullet.
Bottle.png Bottle Active Heart Container Stores a heart or ammo pickup.
Chance Bullets.png Chance Bullets Passive Good RNG Upon firing, adds a chance to fire projectiles from the player's other guns.
Chest Teleporter.png Chest Teleporter Active Zap Teleports a chest to the starting room or boss entrance room of the next floor, with a chance to upgrade its quality.
Chaos Bullets.png Chaos Bullets Passive A Little Of Everything Adds random bullet effects to the player's bullets.
Charming Rounds.png Charming Rounds Passive Made With Love Adds a chance to fire bullets that charm enemies.
Chicken Flute.png Chicken Flute Passive Fowl Play Spawns a chicken that follows the player, blocks bullets, and deals contact damage to enemies it touches. After taking a certain amount of damage, it summons an army of chickens to attack enemies.
Cursed Bullets.png Cursed Bullets Passive Too Spooky Increases damage depending on how much curse the player has. Increases curse by 1.
Flak Bullets.png Flak Bullets Passive Catch Some! Whenever a bullet hits an enemy or wall, it splits into several smaller, lower-damage bullets.
Full Metal Jacket.png Full Metal Jacket Passive Automated Defenses Automatically activates one of the player's blanks when they are about to take damage.
Gilded Bullets.png Gilded Bullets Passive The Gun Percent Increases damage proportional to how much money the player has.
Glass Guon Stone.png Glass Guon Stone Passive Fleeting Defense Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Destroyed upon taking damage.
Helix Bullets.png Helix Bullets Passive Praise Be Doubles the player's bullets and causes them to travel in waves.
Ser Junkan 1.png Junk Passive Next time... who is he? Summons Ser Junkan, who follows the player, attacks enemies, and becomes stronger for each Junk picked up.
Lament Configurum.png Lament Configurum Active Shellraiser Upon use, spawns 3 to 5 enemies and has a chance to spawn a gun or item.
Magic Bullets.png Magic Bullets Passive Sufficiently Advanced Grants all of the player's bullets a small chance to transmogrify enemies into chickens.
Relodestone.png Relodestone Active Magunetic North While active, attracts enemy bullets and restores ammo.
Remote Bullets.png Remote Bullets Passive The Unseen Hand Fired bullets curve towards the player's crosshair.
Roll Bomb.png Roll Bomb Passive Power Charge Drops a bomb upon dodge rolling.
Silver Bullets.png Silver Bullets Passive Blessed Metal Increases damage against jammed enemies and bosses.
Springheel Boots.png Springheel Boots Passive Double Jump Allows the player to roll again mid-roll.
Stout Bullets.png Stout Bullets Passive Up Close And Personal Increases damage up close.
Teleporter Prototype.png Teleporter Prototype Active Teleport?! Teleports the player to a random room.
Yellow Chamber.png Yellow Chamber Passive "the jammed thing" Grants 2 heart containers. Upon entering a room, there is a chance that an enemy will be charmed for the duration of the room. Increases fire rate by 15%. Increase curse by 2.
Zombie Bullets.png Zombie Bullets Passive Unfinished Business Adds a chance to refund ammo when a shot misses.


Icon Name Description
Keybullet Kin.png Keybullet Kin Runs away from the player and disappears if not killed. Turns into a key upon death.
Confirmed.png Confirmed Slowly walks towards the player, periodically firing four slithering lines of bullets.
Executioner.png Executioner Slowly walks towards the player, firing chaotic spreads of bullets. Occasionally stops to fire 3 bullet chains towards the player, attaching them to walls. These chains disappear shortly afterwards.
Bombshee.png Bombshee Follows other enemies around, frequently emitting a short-ranged shriek that destroys the player's bullets.
Arrowkin.png Arrowkin Walks towards the player then stops at a distance. Charges and fires arrows towards the player.
Jammomancer.png Jammomancer Jams an enemy in the room, increasing their health, speed, and damage.
Jamerlengo.png Jamerlengo Jams all enemies in the room, increasing their health, speed, and damage.
Chain Gunner.png Chain Gunner Slowly walks towards the player while swinging a ball and chain made of bullets.
Killithid.png Killithid Summons portals around the room that fire bullets towards the player. Occasionally splits into three copies of itself, two of which are illusions.
Shadow Magician.png Shadow Magician Fires bullets in magical spell patterns and twirls across the room.


Mine Flayer.png Agunim.png Cannon.png The Last Human.png
Mine Flayer Agunim Cannon The Last Human

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Super Hot Watch.png Version History

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