Chest Teleporter

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Chest Teleporter
Chest Teleporter.png
Type: Active
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Floor Dmg
1 500
Oub 666.65
2 650
Abbey 833.3
3 800
4 925
5/6 1050
Unlock Method: Kill The Robot's past.
Introduced in: Supply Drop Indicator.png
Ammonomicon Entry
Moves a chest to the next floor.

This unusual adventuring tool moves a chest forward in the timestream, causing it to age and possibly level up!

Chest Teleporter is an active item.


  • When used on a chest, teleports it to the next chamber.
    • Teleported chests will either appear in the starting room or the room right before the boss room.
    • Teleported chests will upgrade in quality if they are teleported to the boss entrance room.
      • The only exception to this rule is the R&G Dept., where chests will always appear in the starting room. However, they can still be upgraded.


  • Synergy.png Second Accident - If the player also has Shotbow, its firing pattern is changed to a grid of nine arrows.
  • Synergy.png Telefrag - If the player also has Teleporter Prototype, uses it, and gets teleported to an uncleared room, all enemies in the room will be killed instantly. If it teleports the player to a special room, Teleporter Prototype's cooldown is decreased. Also grants an extra active item slot.
  • Mirror chests and Rat chests cannot be teleported.
  • Mimics can be teleported, and are likely to turn into normal chests.
  • Chests can become mimics after being teleported.
  • Chests with a broken lock due to Trusty Lockpicks will be unlocked upon arrival on the next floor.
  • If the player teleports a chest, and then dies on the same floor while holding Clone, the chest will appear in the first chamber.
    • Chests that contain a guaranteed gun or item do not stay that way when teleported and may contain either an item or a gun upon arrival on the next floor.
    • Brother Albern's Chest turns into a brown or blue chest upon arrival on the next floor.
    • It is not recommended to teleport chests when deciding to enter the Resourceful Rat's Lair, as the chests will be inaccessible if spawned in the starting room.
  • Glitch chests will remain glitched on the next floor.
  • If the player teleports a chest in Bullet Hell, it will not reappear.
  • If an unlocked chest is teleported it will remain unlocked in the next floor.


  • If the Chest Teleporter is dropped, then the previously teleported chests won't appear in the next chamber.
  • If the player teleports a Rainbow Chest given to them as part of Rainbow Mode and the chest ends up in the next floor's pre-boss room, they will be able to take all of its items.
  • If the Chest Teleporter is used to transport a glitch chest to the Forge, opening it will teleport the player into a glitch version of Bullet Hell. Taking the exit elevator from there will soft-lock the game on an endless loading screen.


  • The Synergy.png Telefrag synergy is a reference to a common trope in media with teleporters, where teleporting into a space occupied by another living being kills them.
  • The "leveling up" of chests might be a reference to the Sealed Chests in Chrono Trigger, which had a similar mechanic.

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