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Warning: This article or section contains spoilers.

The Sell Creep is an NPC in Enter the Gungeon that can appear randomly in the Annex of the Shop, as well as in a guaranteed room in the Hollow if the player has obtained at least one Master Round before entering that floor.


If items or guns are dropped onto the Sell Creeps grate, he will take them and drop Money.png in return. The amount of Money.png given in exchange is 45% of the base cost of the item rounded down to the nearest whole number, with the exception of SPECIAL and EXCLUDED tier items which always sell for 3Money.png.

Active Items can be dropped by holding G or up on the D-pad, and guns by holding F or down on the D-pad. Passive Items like Junk can be dropped using the map interface.

Tier Sell Price Notes
N/A 3 Money.png Includes Junk, Friendship Cookie, Master Rounds and Gnawed Key.
D Quality Item.png 16 Money.png
C Quality Item.png 21 Money.png
B Quality Item.png 30 Money.png
A Quality Item.png 41 Money.png
1S Quality Item.png 54 Money.png

Sponge, Ring of Miserly Protection, Busted Television and Trusty Lockpicks cannot be sold.

Glass Guon Stones sell for 5 Money.png. While difficult to execute, ammo pickups and blanks can also be sold for 13 Money.png and 9 Money.png respectively.

In The Hollow

When selling items to the Sell Creep in his guaranteed special room in the Hollow, if the player sells him one of any Master Round along with 2 other guns or items of any quality, the Sell Creep will recede into the darkness. After a short delay, his grate will explode open, and dropping down it will take the player to the R&G Dept.

Once this secret entrance has been opened, the player can no longer sell to that specific instance of the Sell Creep. As such, it is recommended to sell all unwanted items before selling a Master Round.


Main Page: Agunim

The Sell Creep is secretly the alternate identity of the dark wizard Agunim, cast into the pit after his defeat at the hands of The Bullet.


  • When encountered as The Bullet, the Sell Creep wears an angry scowling expression. Nothing about the Sell Creep changes mechanically, however.
    • This is a reference to how Agunim was defeated in The Bullet's Past, and the Bullet is entirely to blame for the Creep's current circumstances.
  • The name 'Sell Creep' is a pun, given that he is trapped in a cell and the words 'sell' and 'cell' are homophones.
  • The Sell Creep does not have a projectile repulsion field like most NPCs, as he is so low to the ground that bullets simply pass over him.
  • The Sell Creep does not have an icon on the map.


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