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The Vampire is an NPC who appears in Enter the Gungeon.


The Vampire appears at random throughout the Gungeon, after being rescued from a Cell. They offer the player money in exchange for health, trading 20 Money.png multiplied by the floor's price multiplier for every Half Heart.png the player gives them. They also have a small chance of providing the same effect as a Blood Shrine.

Trading with the Vampire three times unlocks the Wood Beam.


  • Trading with the Vampire will not count as taking damage, meaning it won't break Glass Guon Stones or reset the damage bonuses of items like Polaris or the Metronome.
  • The Vampire will only accept hearts; they will ignore any Armor.png the player may have, and, accordingly, cannot trade with The Robot.
  • The Vampire can appear in Bello's Shop or in her own room, shaped like an upside-down cross.
  • The Vampire gives more money for a full heart than it costs to buy one from the shop.


  • Unlocking the Wood Beam by trading with the Vampire is a reference to the notion that a wooden stake through the heart is one of a vampire's few weaknesses.
  • The Vampire attended HM Medical School with Patches and Mendy, which is referenced in the line "I really sunk my teeth into medicine, but my efforts were in vain.". Additionally, although the Vampire does not appear in Exit the Gungeon, they are referenced in a dialogue line from Patches, "You know someone we went to medical school with got bit by a vampire!".
  • The Vampire claims to also be a werewolf in the line "I'm also a werewolf! It's true."
  • Several of the vampires dialogue lines are references;
    • "Oh, don't be so negative. Be positive!" is a reference to the blood types B Negative and B Positive.
    • " Do you believe in destiny? That even the powers of time can be altered for a single purpose? The luckiest alive is the one who finds... the Gun." is a parody of a quote from Bram Stoker's Dracula.
    • "I have crossed... oceans of time, to find this place. I am hoping that my efforts will prove... fruitful." is also a reference to Dracula.
    • "Life sucks, then you're jammed." is a reference to the Albert Camus quote "life is suffering, and then you die."

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