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The Gunknights or Gungeon Guardians are the two NPCs who appear Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon, as well as a brief cameo in Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead. In all instances in which they appear, they are found flanking the entrance to the Gungeon, to ward off inexperienced Gungeoneers.


Enter the GungeonETG

The Gunknights primarily serve to dissuade players from entering The Gungeon without first learning vital game mechanics from Ser Manuel in the Halls of Knowledge. If a player has not completed the tutorial, they will bar the entrance to the Gungeon with their gun-staffs and implore the player to seek out Ser Manuel, however the player may choose to ignore this advice.
If their advice is ignored, the Gunknights will allow the player to Enter the Gungeon anyways.

Exit the GungeonXTG

In Exit the Gungeon, the Gunknights serve much the same purpose as in Enter, refusing to allow the player to exit until they have been properly tutorialised by Ser Manuel.


  • While the Right Guard states that guns are not "allowed in the Breach." for the any of the playable characters (including The Bullet), this does not seem to apply to Frifle or the Gunsling King/Manservantes, with the latter 2 standing almost directly in front of the Left Guard.
  • If you talk to the Gunknight on the left when they have already moved out of the way, they will be stuck in their walking animation.

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