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Disambig.png This article is about the NPC. For the gun, see Winchester.

Winchester is an NPC who appears in Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon, and Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead. He is one of the very few NPCs who appear in all three mainline games.


Enter the Gungeon ETG

Winchester occasionally appears at random throughout the Gungeon, in a special room which contains a shooting gallery. The player can pay Winchester an amount of Money.png to play his shooting gallery game. During the game, the player is given the Prize Pistol and four shots to hit all four moving targets in the shooting gallery, which usually involves careful timing and bouncing bullets off of walls and moving blockers.

After expending all four shots of the prize pistol, Winchester will give a Chest as a reward. The quality of the chest depends on how many targets the player hit, and the current chamber.

Chest Quality Table
Number of Targets Hit
Current Chamber 0 1 2 3 4
1/2/O/A No Reward D Quality Item.png C Quality Item.png B Quality Item.png A Quality Item.png
3/4/5 No Reward C Quality Item.png B Quality Item.png A Quality Item.png 1S Quality Item.png

The reward chest has a chance to spawn as a mimic; however, it is not affected by Mimic Tooth Necklace.

While initially cold towards the player when met at the breach, Winchester seemingly warms up more with each shooting gallery aced. Acing three of his minigames unlocks the Seven-Leaf Clover.


See the page of the Prize Pistol for a list of items that specifically modify the way the gun functions.

  • Items that grant flight, such as Wax Wings, Cat Bullet King Throne, or Jetpack, allow the player to fly over the pit and into the shooting gallery, allowing them to cheese the game by hitting all targets at close range. There is no penalty for doing this, and Winchester does not react to it.
  • Using a gun that is not the Prize Pistol, or leaving the room mid game causes the game to end prematurely, with no reward.
  • Projectiles created by items such as Gunboots, Ring of Triggers, or Heart of Ice can destroy Winchesters targets, but do not count as cheating and do not use up ammo from the Prize Pistol.
  • If playing in co-op, dead players can block moving bricks using their body in the minigame, stopping them, and potentially making the game easier for the other player.
  • Chests spawned by Winchester have a miniscule chance to be glitched or rainbow chests, similarly to regular room drops.


Click expand to view Winchester Shooting Gallery layouts. This table may not be exhaustive.
Image Name & Notes
WinchesterRoom Joe 003.png


Entering a minigame room:
  • "Step right up! Step right up!"
  • "Think your aim is true? Play my game!"
  • "Have a shot, [player nickname]!"

Accepting his challenge:

  • "Aim true, [player nickname]."
  • "Aim true, shooter."
  • "Good luck!"
  • "Ok straight shooter, good luck!"
  • "There's one born every minute."

Completing his game:

  • No targets: "Well, maybe next time. No refunds."
  • 1-2 targets: "Wow, that was almost cool. You can have this."
  • 3 targets: "Hey, not bad. Take this."
  • 4 targets: "Wow! You got them all! Claim your prize, deadeye!"

In the Breach: (Available after acing his game once)

  • "Well if it isn't deadeye."
  • "A true gambler, you are. Wagered your life for another shot?"
  • "A shot at what, though? What could be worth it? Ha!"
  • "Still alive then..."
  • "Been a long time since I've seen a shooter like you."
  • "Maybe you'll actually do it. Kill the past..."
  • "I wonder what brought you here."
  • "Probably best to just let it go..."
  • "But what do I know, anyway?"
  • "Just remember, Gambler; the house always wins."
  • "So long."
  • "I'll be seeing you."

In the Breach: (Before acing his game)

  • "I'm off duty."
  • "Scram."
  • "Not in the mood."


  • Winchester's name is a reference to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.
    • Winchester is also a pun on the NPC's role, allowing the player to win a chest.
  • If the player steals something from a shop, then enters Winchester's room, instead of saying the character's nickname, he will call them "thief". This is likely a reference to the Town Tool Shopkeeper from "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening". Unlike the Shopkeeper, Winchester doesn't care enough to kill the player and they will still be allowed to play the game.
  • Winchester has a special track for rooms he is in, but it is not part of the official soundtrack.
  • One of Winchester's dialogues, "There's one born every minute", is a likely reference to the well-known phrase "There's a sucker born every minute".
  • There is a small chance for Winchester to spawn in a secret room.

Exit the Gungeon

Winchester makes a reappearance in Exit the Gungeon as the host of a minigame, Winchester's Original Game. He can be encountered randomly inside of rooms branching off of the shop.

Winchester also appears in the Underbreach, offering a wager to the player. He will ask for 15 Hegemony Credit.png and will pay you back 30 Hegemony Credit.png if you successfully Exit the Gungeon on the very next attempt after taking the wager.

Winchester's Original Game

See Winchesters Original Game for details.


In-Gungeon Quotes
Entering Minigame room:
  • "Well hello there [player name]."

Offering His Game:

  • "Winchester's Original Game costs a mere [cost]Money.png to play!"

When his game is turned down:

  • "Fork over that Money.png [player nickname]."

When his game is accepted:

  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "Win or lose, I win!"

When shot at:

  • "Still trying?"
  • "I'll be damned... you missed."
  • "Save it for my game, hotshot."

Offering his game after it has already been turned down:

  • "It's just [cost]Money.png to play!"
  • "Pay up and lets get shooting!"
  • "Look who came crawling back for more. Here to play?"
  • "Care to take a chance and win a chest?"
  • "Want to risk it? Feeling lucky?"

Leaving the minigame room:

  • "Get out of my way!"

Winning the Minigame:

  • "Color me surprised. You did great! Take it."

Speaking post-game:

  • "I'm gonna miss the Gungeon, but I'll find a new racket out there."

Speaking for a second time post-game:

  • "...that's enough personal stuff for now."

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