Winchester's Original Game

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Winchester original game intro.jpg

Hosted by Winchester, Winchesters Original Game arms the player with a large cannon and several Rubber Kin for use as ammunition. To the right of the shooting platform there will be a random stage of destructible block-based constructions containing and protecting several targets bearing Winchster's face.

The aim of the game is to destroy as many winchester targets as possible using the given amount of ammunition. The amount of targets destroyed will determine the quality of the prize.

In addition to blocks and targets, hovering enemies resembling miniature red Fuseliers may appear throughout certain stages. These mini fuseliers do not actively target the player's projectiles, but a projectile colliding with one of them will cause the projectile to be flung away with great force, usually wasting the shot. This destroys the mini-fuselier in the process.


  • The gameplay of Winchester's Original Game is from mobile game Angry Birds.
    • The name of the game references this fact, as Winchester's Original Game is very much not original.
  • Destroying three or more targets with a single projectile will cause the words 'CHAIN REACTION' to pop up on screen.
  • Destroying 100% of the targets in Winchester's Original Game on three separate occasions will earn the achievement Chester Bester.


  • Upon entering his room: 'Well hello there [GUNGEONEER NICKNAME]!"
  • Talking to him:
    • "Winchester's Original Game costs a mere [AMOUNT]Money.png to play!"
    • "It's just [AMOUNT]Money.png to play!"
    • After multiple denials: "Pay up and lets get shooting!"
    • After multiple denials: "Look who came crawling back for more. Here to play?"
    • After multiple denials: "Care to take a chance and win a chest?"
    • After the most denials: "Want to risk it? Feeling lucky?"
      • Options: "Let's do it. <Pay [AMOUNT]Money.png>" or "No thanks."
  • Upon commencing the game:
    • "Lets get Angry!"
    • "Win or Lose, I win!"
    • "Lets go to the range!"
  • Upon denying the game, Winchester says, "Fork over that Money.png [GUNGEONEER NICKNAME]!"
  • Getting a majority of the targets: "Not bad." "Take it."
  • After a mediocre performance: "Wow, that was almost cool." "Take it."
  • After a perfect performance: "Color me surprised. You did great!" "Take it."
  • Talking to him after playing his game: "If I had it my way, I'd call this place the" "... that's enough personal stuff for now."
  • Trying to shoot him: "Save it for my game, hotshot." "I'll be damned... you missed." "Not so deadeye'd." "Still trying?" "... I do not know what is happening right now..."