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The Gunsling King and Manservantes are NPCs in Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon.


Enter the GungeonETG

After being rescued from a cell in the Gungeon Proper, the Gunsling King and Manservantes will appear in The Breach and randomly throughout the Gungeon.
When encountered in the Gungeon, they will offer a wager to the player, challenging them to complete the next combat room under some special condition. As collateral, the Gunsling King will take 18-22Money.png from the player.

If the next room is successfully completed under their conditions, they will return the players Money.png and give a gun or item as a reward. If the challenge is failed, the collateral Money.png is lost and no reward will be received.

There are four challenge types:

Completing 10 of the Gunsling King's challenges and speaking to him in the Breach unlocks the Owl.

Exit the GungeonXTG

After being rescued from a cell in the Gungeon, Manservantes and the Gunsling King will appear at random in NPC rooms in the Shop, where Manservantes hosts the Just Desserts Golf Minigame, charging the player Money.png to test their ability to smack the Gunsling King into a distant hole, and rewarding them with a chest.

Taking fewer swings to complete the course results in a higher quality of chest.


The Gunsling King is a nobleman of some sort, who travelled to the Gungeon with his servant Manservantes after misinterpreting rumours about the eternal and inescapable nature of the Gungeon for aesthetic 'timelessness'[1]. Trapped now in the Gungeon from this mistake, he makes wagers with passing Gungeoneers in order to provide himself with entertainment during his eternal confinement.[2]
Manservantes is a nearly mute servant of the king, fulfilling his role more like a slave. Despite the Gunsling King referring to him as a 'companion'[3], Manservantes harbors a silent hatred for his master[4] and resentment for his situation[5].

By the time of the events of Exit the Gungeon, Manservantes has risen up against his master and reversed the duos roles.


  • The Gunsling King is optional and the following room can be accessed without paying for his challenge.
  • If the Gunsling King gives the player Casey, upon completing the challenge, the curse given by Casey is not taken away.
  • The Gunsling King will always bet between eighteen and twenty two Money.png.
  • The Gunsling King can challenge the player to complete a room with no enemies in it. He will not mark the room on the map, and will immediately act as if the player completed the challenge.
  • The player cannot drop guns given by the Gunsling King.
  • In coop, if the Gunsling King gives you a gun to complete the room, if the other player uses any gun, the challenge will count as failed.
  • If the quest is to complete the room without dodge rolling, the player is not actually prevented from dodge rolling.
  • If the quest is to complete a room with a certain gun, using blanks seems to fail the quest
    • Damage dealt by familiars do not fail the quest.
  • FixedBug.png Fixed Bug Prior to version V1.0.10 if the player had used Spice previously on a run, the Gunsling King may challenge them to complete a room with it, resulting in an impossible challenge.


  • Manservantes's name is a portmanteau of Manservant and Cervantes, a reference to Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish Romanticist author.
  • The Gunsling King and Manservantes’ character archetypes, being that of the chivalric nobleman and the reserved valet, are based on the two main characters of the novel Don Quixote respectively.
  • The Gunsling King's appearance is likely based on the king commonly depicted in playing cards.
  • The Gunsling King may be a reference to Stephen King's "The Ledge," adapted to film in "Cat's Eye". Cressner, a casino owner and crime lord with a similar attitude and appearance to the Gunsling King, is constantly taking bets against characters living through a dangerous ordeal. The Cat Throne may or may not also be a part of this reference.
  • The Gunsling King and Manservantes may also be a reference to the Futurama characters Brannigan Zapp Brannigan and Kif Kroker due to the former being in charge of the latter and the characteristic pompous attitude that accompanies it. Manservante also shares a resemblance to Kif.


  1. "Those gents at court toldeth us this lodging was't timeless. We didst not realize they meant eternal."
  2. "Amusement is a prime currency, when thee liveth eternally in a gun-filled dungeon!"
  3. "Manservantes is an excellent companion. Thee must heareth his impressions!"
  4. "I hate this man."
  5. "How did I end up like this."

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