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Key Shopkeeper.png

Flynt is an NPC that can be rescued from a cell in the Oubliette, Gungeon Proper or the Abbey of the True Gun. After being rescued, he will set up shops in the Gungeon, where he will sell key, chest, and election themed items and guns.

Unlike other shopkeepers, the guns and items he sells cost keys instead of coins.

Items sold in the Gungeon


Icon Name Quote Type Notes Cost
AKEY-47.png AKEY-47 Unlocked And Loaded! Automatic Shooting a locked chest or door unlocks it. 3 Key.png
Vorpal Gun.png Vorpal Gun .50 Criticaliber Semiautomatic Has a chance to fire a high-damage critical shot. 1 Key.png


Icon Name Type Quote Effect Cost
Baby Good Mimic.png Baby Good Mimic Passive  Imitation Love Attacks enemies. Duplicates familiars 1 Key.png
Ballot.png Ballot Passive Vote Of Confidence! Increases the player's Coolness by 3. 1 Key.png
Book of Chest Anatomy.png Book of Chest Anatomy Passive Controlled Demolition Improves the contents of broken chests. 1 Key.png
Bracket Key.png Bracket Key Active `debugkill Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies in a room. Increases Curse. 3 Key.png
Brick of Cash.png Brick of Cash Passive Secrets Of The Masons Reveals secret rooms. 1 Key.png
Chest Teleporter.png Chest Teleporter Active Zap Teleports a chest to the starting room or boss entrance room of the next floor, with a chance to upgrade its quality. 2 Key.png
Daruma.png Daruma Active Good Fortune Daruma can only be used after dodging a bullet, and activates a blank. 1 Key.png
Heart Locket.png Heart Locket Passive Memento Mori Grants a heart container. 1 Key.png
Lament Configurum.png Lament Configurum Active Shellraiser Upon use, spawns several enemies and has a chance to spawn a gun or item. Increases curse by 1. 1 Key.png
Mimic Tooth Necklace.png Mimic Tooth Necklace Passive Chomp Every chest is guaranteed to be a Mimic. 2 Key.png
Ring of Chest Friendship.png Ring of Chest Friendship Passive Chest Friends Forever Increases the chance of finding chests. 1 Key.png
Ring of Chest Vampirism.png Ring of Chest Vampirism Passive Blood From Wood Breaking chests heals the player. 1 Key.png
Ring of Mimic Friendship.png Ring of Mimic Friendship Passive Unlikely Allies Chests will not turn into Mimics. 1 Key.png
Shelleton Key.png Shelleton Key Passive Locks Are Dead To You Allows any chest or lock to be opened without using a key. Increases curse while held. 3 Key.png
Trusty Lockpicks.png Trusty Lockpicks Active Who Needs Keys? Has a 50% chance to unlock a lock or locked chest. If it fails, the lock will no longer function. 1 Key.png


After being rescued:

  • "My rescuer! I know you had no choice but to vanquish my fellow lock to free me. An unfortunate sacrifice, but a necessary one... Come by my shop whenever you see me! There are many things in my stores that you might find helpful."

After leaving the cell:

  • "Come see me later! I'll open you to a world of reasonably priced goods."

Entering his shop:

  • "This is the Key Shop, where I trade my wares for Key.png! You could say that I sell Key Items! Kikikiki!"
  • "Welcome!"

Purchasing an item:

  • "That's a Key-per!"
  • "A turnkey solution!"

Attempting to purchase an item without enough keys:

  • "Gotta keep that one locked up, I'm afraid."

Talking to him:

  • "The locks in this place are all sentient."
  • "When you unlock a door in the Gungeon, they... go to a better place. I hope. Who can say?"
  • "I was one of them, once. Until one night, the walls began to shift... and I was never connected to a door."
  • "Now, I trade for keys to get them out of the hands of Gungeoneers."
  • "But what do I know?"

Shooting him:

  • "A tumbler eh?"
  • "I'm pinned!"

Stealing from him:

  • "Thief!"

Attempting to buy an item after stealing from him:

  • "No sale, thief!"


  • If you look above the keyhole on his face he appears to have a mustache instead of rust.
  • His name is possibly a reference to a flintlock, an antiquated firing mechanism for black powder guns.
  • The dialogue mentioning “I was one of them, once. Until one night, the walls began to shift...and I was never connected to a door.” likely refers to how the floors are number-generated and how rooms disconnect from each other.
  • There is some irony in Flynt selling the AKEY-47 and Shelleton Key to the player, as both of these items can be used to unlock doors and chests, something that Flynt tries to prevent (as the locks in the Gungeon are sentient and supposedly die upon being unlocked) by trading keys for items to prevent gungeoneers from using said keys. By selling the AKEY-47 and Shelleton Key to the player, he is effectively allowing them to kill as many of the Gungeon's sentient locks as they please.