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Bello runs the main shop, which appears on every floor except the Forge (where the Blacksmith runs a different shop), Resourceful Rat's Lair, R&G Dept., and Bullet Hell. Every shop has 3 random pickups for sale, usually along with several items, guns, or additional pickups. The shop may also have a table selling blanks, Glass Guon Stones, or a Map. The chances of getting each item are:

Glass Guon Stone.png
Glass Guon Stone
40.82% 8.16% 2.04% 48.98%


  • Shops have a chance to spawn another vendor NPC, Muncher, Vampire, or the Sell Creep.
  • Shops sell guns and items of all qualities.
  • Shops will always sell at least one key per floor.
  • If the Prime Primer has not been delivered to the Blacksmith in the Forge yet, the shop in the Gungeon Proper will always have a separate display case that sells it for 110 casings.
    • If the player has eaten Spice, additional Spice may spawn in the shop in its own display case.
  • Repeatedly firing any weapon within his shop will cause Bello to first give the player a warning, then double prices, and finally become enraged and fire at the player. Afterwards, all of his shops will no longer have anything for sale.
    • Once the player exits the room where the shop is while Bello is shooting, Bello will quickly disappear, as well as all of the items in the shop (except the Payday 2 items that costs 9999 Money.png).
    • If the player is killed by Bello, the death screen will say the player was killed by justice. If the player survives, they will be teleported to another room.
    • If the player manages to exit the floor before Bello closes his shop, on the next floor and so on the shop will be still open and Bello will behave like nothing happened. This is probably due to the fact that the game considers Bello becoming enraged and him closing the shop two distinct actions, and changing floor causes the sequence to interrupt and reset. He will become enraged again if the player repeatedly fires in the shop after the fact.
      • This counts for the items too, as their prices will be reset to normal.
    • Several items and guns, including Gunboots and Cat Bullet King Throne, do not anger Bello.
  • The Payday 2 items (Clown Mask, Drill, and Loot Bag) have special shop spawning conditions if they have not been unlocked.
    • Before they are unlocked, they have a 5% chance to replace an item in the shop, or a 100% chance if the Biggest Wallet achievement has been unlocked. They will appear to cost 9999 Money.png.
    • They can be obtained by either stealing them or forcing Bello to close his shop. Obtaining them will unlock them, which will make them spawn like regular items.


  • Bello's cat's name is Ocelot. Bello states that Ocelot followed him into the Gungeon because she has her own demons to battle.
  • Bello states he hasn't been able to figure out how to read a map, and that's why he runs the shop.