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Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Chest Teleporter.png Chest Teleporter Active Zap A Quality Item.png Teleports a chest to the next floor, with a chance to upgrade its quality.
Mimic Tooth Necklace.png Mimic Tooth Necklace Passive Chomp A Quality Item.png Every chest is guaranteed to be a Mimic.
Ring of Chest Friendship.png Ring of Chest Friendship Passive Chest Friends Forever B Quality Item.png Increases the chance of finding chests.
Book of Chest Anatomy.png Book of Chest Anatomy Passive Controlled Demolition C Quality Item.png Improves the contents of broken chests.
Ring of Chest Vampirism.png Ring of Chest Vampirism Passive Blood From Wood C Quality Item.png Breaking chests heals the player.
Ring of Mimic Friendship.png Ring of Mimic Friendship Passive Unlikely Allies D Quality Item.png Chests will not turn into Mimics.


Icon Name Quote Quality Type DPS Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread Notes
Directional Pad.png Directional Pad Input Output B Quality Item.png Automatic 131.1 30 120 8 (normal)
45 (fireball)
10 (grappling hook)
0.30 1.6 After running out of ammo spawns a chest.

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