Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update

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Advanced Gungeons & Draguns
Advanced Gungeons & Draguns Update.png
Enter the Gungeon
Release date(s)
July 19, 2018

Advanced Gungeons & Draguns is a free update to Enter the Gungeon featuring approximately 30 items and guns, new rooms, new enemies, a secret floor with the Resourceful Rat as a boss, approximately 350 new synergies, new NPCs, and various balance changes.


Icon Name Quote Type Notes
AC-15.png AC-15 Armor Class Non-Zero Automatic Becomes more powerful if the player has armor.
Big Shotgun.png Big Shotgun A Shotgun That's Big Semiautomatic Fires a burst of three extremely large, exploding projectiles. Reloading next to Shotgun Kin and Shotgats sucks them up, killing them and restoring 1 ammo.
Boxing Glove.png Boxing Glove Pistol Hondo Charged Shoots a boxing glove with a chance to stun. Gains a star each time it kills an enemy, up to 3 stars. When at 3 stars, can be charged to consume the stars and fire a high-damage super punch. Increases curse.
Bubble Blaster.png Bubble Blaster The Suds Automatic Rapidly fires slow-moving bubbles that pop and create a water pool when they touch an enemy. Reloading causes nearby bubbles to be pushed forward.
Combined Rifle.png Combined Rifle Halve Lives Automatic Reloading alternates between a rapid-fire rifle and a bouncing, piercing energy ball. Enemies killed by the energy ball disintegrate.
Elimentaler.png Elimentaler Full of Holes Semiautomatic Encases enemies in cheese, freezing them. Enemies that die while cheesed spawn a large cheese pool, which cheeses any enemies that step in it.
The Exotic.png The Exotic Pack of Wolves Semiautomatic Fires a rocket that splits into several smaller homing rockets upon impact. Grants a ghost companion that follows the player and reveals the contents of nearby chests.
High Dragunfire.png High Dragunfire Pre-Rendered Automatic Fires purple bullets resembling flames.
Life Orb.png Life Orb Your Soul is Mine Beam After killing an enemy, reloading damages all enemies in the room.
Mimic Gun.png Mimic Gun N/A N/A Randomly replaces another gun. The player cannot switch to other guns or drop the Mimic Gun until they either pick up ammo or deal enough damage. Jams enemy bullets that its bullets pass through.
Mr. Accretion Jr..png Mr. Accretion Jr. Music of the Spheres Semiautomatic Fires planets which start orbiting the player if they hit a wall or obstacle.
Rubenstein's Monster.png Rubenstein's Monster Unit 00 Automatic Created when both RUBE-ADYNE Prototype and RUBE-ADYNE MK.II are picked up. Rapidly fires bouncing lasers.
Stone Dome.png Stone Dome Big Head Mode Automatic Sits on the player's head and rapidly fires homing bullets. While held, inflicts fear on nearby enemies. Increases curse.
Turbo-Gun.png Turbo-Gun Repetitive Strain Automatic Increases damage and bullet size according to the number of firing attempts during the reload animation.
Wood Beam.png Wood Beam Speak Softly Beam Extends itself to hit enemies. Increases curse.


Icon Name Type Quote Effect
Baby Good Mimic.png Baby Good Mimic Passive Imitation Love If no other familiars are present, follows the player and attacks enemies. If familiars are present, transforms into another one of the player's familiars.
Bumbullets.png Bumbullets Passive Bumblecore Upon firing, adds a chance to fire a bee, which homes in on and damages enemies.
Crisis Stone.png Crisis Stone Passive Reload. Reload. Reload. Grants invulnerability while reloading an empty magazine.
Daruma.png Daruma Active Good Fortune Can be used immediately after dodging a bullet to activate a blank effect.
Devolver Rounds.png Devolver Rounds Passive Two Steps Back Bullets have a chance to devolve enemies into simpler enemies.
Gnawed Key.png Gnawed Key Passive Unlocks Something Unlocks the door to the Resourceful Rat's Lair.
Gold Junk.png Gold Junk Passive One Man's Trash Grants 500 Money.png.
Holey Grail.png Holey Grail Passive Withered Vessel Upon taking damage, triggers a blank effect and refills 50% of the ammo of all the player's guns. Increases curse.
Hungry Bullets.png Hungry Bullets Passive Hungry Hungry Bullets have a chance to block enemy shots.
Infuriating Note.png Infuriating Note Passive You've Been Had... Useless on its own. Has six variants, each of which reveals one of the directions necessary to make it through the maze in the Resourceful Rat's Lair.
Macho Brace.png Macho Brace Passive Value for Effort Shots are more powerful when coming out of a dodge roll.
Partially-Eaten Cheese.png Partially-Eaten Cheese Active Aged Almost 40 Years While active, the player is invincible and instantly kills enemies they come in contact with.
Portable Table Device.png Portable Table Device Active Know When to Fold 'Em Spawns a small table.
Platinum Bullets.png Platinum Bullets Passive Over One Million Served Increases damage and rate of fire for each enemy killed.
Rat Boots.png Rat Boots Passive Hover Craft Grants temporary invulnerability and flight when the wearer walks out over a pit.
Resourceful Sack.png Resourceful Sack Active Pack Rat's Rat Pack Rolling through bullets collects them in the sack. Using the sack empties the sack and fires a piece of explosive cheese for every bullet collected. Grants 3 extra active item slots.
Ring of the Resourceful Rat.png Ring of the Resourceful Rat Passive Fufufufufufu Once per floor, if the Resourceful Rat takes an item or gun, he will give another item or gun of equal quality in return.
Snowballets.png Snowballets Passive Powder Power Bullets increase in size and damage as they travel.
Turkey.png Turkey Passive Triple Tap Restores 1 ammo after landing three sequential shots.
Vorpal Bullets.png Vorpal Bullets Passive Through and Through Occasionally fires a special high-damage bullet.
Weird Egg.png Weird Egg Active Miracle of Gun Can be used to refill hearts. Can be dropped in fire to create an ancient serpent and shooting the egg on the ground will spawn a gun/item.


Icon Name Description
Chance Kin.png Chance Kin Runs away from the player and disappears if not killed in time. Drops a random pickup upon death.
Chancebulon.png Chancebulon Fires random attacks from other Blobulon enemies, along with groups of bullets that look like dice. Has a chance to fire multiple attacks at the same time. Has a chance to kill itself instead of attacking.
Fuselier.png Fuselier A mini-boss that flies around the top of the screen and rains down various attacks.
Gripmaster.png Gripmaster Hovers over the player and attempts to grab them. If the player is successfully grabbed, it will shoot the player to a previously cleared room, which will be reset and have all enemies respawned. Automatically dies if all other enemies in the room are killed.
Misfire Beast.png Misfire Beast Camouflages itself and creates projections that attack the player with bullet whips.
Nitra.png Nitra Walks towards the player and creates a line of explosions upon death. If the player gets too close, it will leap towards the player and detonate itself.
Phaser Spider.png Phaser Spider Fires large web-shaped sprays of bullets at the player that leave slowing cobwebs on the floor. Frequently burrows into the ground and reappears elsewhere in the room.
Tarnisher.png Tarnisher Sinks into the floor and chases the player. If it successfully catches the player, it will deal damage, partially drain the current gun's ammo, and reduce the magazine size of all of the player's guns until they pick up ammo.

Other features

  • Teleporters now appear in all chest rooms and the room at the end of a chamber.
  • A new type of chest, the Synergy Chest.
  • Turbo Mode, which significantly increases the speed of the game.
  • A new ammo pickup variant that restores 50% of the currently held weapon and 20% to all other weapons.
  • Extra heart pickups can be saved for later and dispensed in shops and the room at the end of a chamber.
  • Tables can be dodge rolled over.
    • The player is invularable whilst sliding, but as the slide is immediately cancled upon reaching the end of the table, the timing is more difficult when dodging bullets as opposed to a dodge roll.
  • Blockner's ghost can randomly appear as a miniboss, similar to the Shadow Magician.


Super Hot Watch.png Version History

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