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Statistics and Information
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
15 20 19.5 25 24 27.75 31.5
Location: R&G Dept.

Brollets or Vest Bullet Kin are a Bullet Kin enemy variant that appear exclusively in the R&G Dept. Like all enemies in the R&G Dept, they do not have an entry in the Ammonomicon. They appear to be Bullet Kin with darker slugs, wearing bomb vests constructed out of sticks of dynamite.


Brollets walk towards the player, slowly shooting towards the player much like a regular Bullet Kin, but with much faster firerate. When close enough to the player, Brollets will begin to panic for a moment before spontaneously detonating in a large explosion. Brollets also explode when killed.

Brollets will occasionally walk to tables and flip them in order to take cover from the players bullets.

Brollets will also attempt to fire at explosive barrels in order to detonate them. This behaviour does not account for the Brollets proximity to the barrel, and may lead to it blowing itself up.

Brollets are also one of the few enemies capable of riding in minecarts, and will prioritise walking to available carts over following the player. This can never be seen ingame, however, as no minecarts spawn in the R&G Dept.

The attack behaviour of a Brollet


  • Brollets wield the Magnum.
  • The names Brollet and Vest Bullet Kin are never stated anywhere in game, as such these names are based on the asset and entity names of this enemy.
  • Brollets are a reference to the Suicide Bomber Mook enemies from the game Broforce.
    • 'Brollet' is a portmanteau of the words Bro and Bullet.
  • Bug.png Bug If the player is killed by a Brollet, the Ammonomicon page will state that they were killed by a Bullet Kin. This is likely because the enemy prefab of the Bullet Kin was copied and pasted as a base for the Brollet, and the enemy name data was not changed.


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