Fallen Bullet Kin

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Fallen Bullet Kin
Fallen Bullet Kin.png
Statistics and Information
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
20 26.67 26 33.33 32 37 42
Location: Bullet Hell
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Fallen Bullet Kin.png

These denizens of the Sixth Chamber delight in torment, pain, and costume parties.

Beware their infernal magic.

Fallen Bullet Kin are a Bullet Kin variant which appears in Enter the Gungeon.


Fallen Bullet Kin walk towards the player, firing even spreads of 3 fire-shaped bullets. On death, they leave behind a small patch of fire goop.

Fallen Bullet Kin are also one of the few enemies capable of riding in minecarts, however they usually do not spawn in the Black Powder Mine, and as such this behaviour is rarely observable in game. Given that the Lament Configurum can spawn Fallen Bullet Kin, this can allow Fallen Bullet Kin to appear in an environment where this behaviour is relevant.

The attack pattern of a 'Fallen Bullet Kin.


  • Fallen Bullet Kin wield Pitchforks.
  • Fallen Bullet Kin can be spawned by the Lament Configurum.
  • According to the Ammonomicon description of the Pitchfork, Fallen Bullet Kin "learned everything about being devils from television".
  • Despite leaving fire goop on death, Fallen Bullet Kin are not immune to the fire status effect.
  • Fallen Bullet Kin will leave their pools of fire in the area where they took the blow that killed them. It will not be spawned where their death animation ends.
  • The sounds that Fallen Bullet Kin make are lower pitched versions of regular Bullet Kin noises.
  • A portrait of a Fallen Bullet Kin can be seen in the Abbey of the True Gun.
  • In the Portuguese translation of the game, they are known as "Ex-Balùnculo" (Ex-Bullet Kin).
  • If the challenge modifier Final Attack is active, the ring of bullets fired upon the death of a Fallen Bullet Kin will adopt the swirling fiery appearance of its regular projectiles, but will not behave any differently.


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