Ashen Bullet Kin

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Ashen Bullet Kin
Ashen Bullet Kin.png
Statistics and Information
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
15 20 19.5 25 24 27.75 31.5
Location: Forge
Bullet Hell
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Ashen Bullet Kin.png

Cinder Fella
Charred into ash by some great flame, these Bullet Kin can remain dormant for decades unless disturbed.

Ashen Bullet Kin are Bullet Kin variants which appear in Enter the Gungeon.


Ashen Bullet Kin behave somewhat similar to regular Bullet Kin, but with a higher rate of fire and shot speed. While shooting, Ashen Bullet Kin alternate between aiming directly at the player, and utilising predictive aim to shoot towards where the player is moving.

In some rooms of the Forge, Ashen Bullet Kin have the ability to spawn out of ashen statues, which allows them to catch the player off guard.

Ashen Bullet Kin are also one of the few enemies capable of riding in minecarts, however they usually do not spawn in the Black Powder Mine, and as such this behaviour is rarely observable in game. Given that the Lament Configurum can spawn Ashen Bullet Kin, this can allow Ashen Bullet Kin to appear in an environment where this behaviour is relevant.

The attack pattern of an Ashen Bullet Kin


  • Ashen Bullet Kin hold the Magnum.
  • Ashen Bullet Kin are one of the enemies that can be spawned by the Lament Configurum.
  • The shotgun kin equivalent of the Ashen Bullet Kin is the Ashen Shotgun Kin.
  • The quote "Cinder Fella" is a clear wordplay between "Cinderella", the famous fairytale, and "Fella".
    • The French traduction of this quote "Balle au bois dormant" is also a wordplay between the fairytale "La belle au bois dormant" (Sleeping Beauty) and "Balle" (Bullet)

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