Rat Key

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Not to be confused with the Gnawed Key or the Rat Key Pickup.

Rat Key
Rat Key.png
Type: Quest
Quality: N/A
Cost: 50 or 115Money.png
Ammonomicon Entry
What Could It Open?
Given to you by the Resourceful Rat in an attempt to prove that he has changed his ways.

He claims that it will soon prove useful.

The Rat Key is a quest item in Exit the Gungeon. It is purchased from the Resourceful Rat in the Shop.

How to Obtain

The first Rat Key is given by the Resourceful Rat for free Then, the Rat Key is purchased from the Resourceful Rat in the Shop for 50 or 115Money.png.


  • Allows the player to unlock an imprisoned NPC later in the run.


Alt Ammonomicon Entry
Freedom, not free, apparently.
Opens cells.

Sold to you by the Resourceful Rat, who has kidnapped and imprisoned your friends. The best time to profit is in times of crisis!

  • The Rat Key is highly similar in appearance and theme to the Gnawed Key, though it has a different name and quote.
  • After being used once, the Rat Key's quote and description changes to an alternative text.