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Hey, so during the third phase of the fight the rat dropped a Partially Eaten Cheese. I picked it up and brought it to the next room, and when I opened the chest I received the Zilla Shotgun, which happened to synergize with an item I had already. So I’m here to verify/confirm what happens in this scenario, if a) You get a random item b) if there is a certain rarity and c) Was the synergy just insane luck or actually programmed to act like a synergy chest with it with without the 50% chance of succeeding. Seeing as this is a very very unlikely situation, and a boss that is fairly uncommon to fight, I’m wondering if anyone else can confirm this. Thanks if so.

i also had this happen to me and the and i think the answer is that you probobly fought him after unlocked Partially Eaten Cheese from finding it before so he dropped the cheese but it happend to me with the boots and the siren24.112.247.53 18:43, 22 July 2019 (UTC)