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obtaining Ser Junkan in rainbow mode

You can Acquire Ser Junkan During a rainbow run

Though it is thought to be impossible to obtain Ser Junkan you can aquire ser junkan during a rainbow run this may take a few attempts but destroying all chests in a room may grant you Ser Junkan

Testing Junkan dropping in Rainbow Mode

Due to edit fights, I ran some testing in order to put this thing to rest. Confirmed that Junkan does indeed spawn in Rainbow Mode. Steps taken:

  1. Open new save slot.
  2. Rescue Bowler.
  3. Enter Rainbow Mode.
  4. Destroy all chests on first floor.
  5. Repeat previous step until Junkan spawned.

Some console commands used to speed this up. But Junkan wasn't forced. Note once he is unlocked, the drop rate is reduced to 1%. Maybe this is why there's some dispute on if he appears in rainbow mode.

--Niyok (talk) 07:43, 25 June 2020 (UTC)