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Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Clone.png Clone Passive The Real Me 1S Quality Item.png Upon death, the player is revived in the starting room of the first floor, retaining all items and guns.
Gun Soul.png Gun Soul Passive YOU DEFEATED A Quality Item.png Adds a heart container. Upon death, the player respawns at the start of the current floor with one heart container. All enemies previously killed will respawn, and if the player reaches the location where they died, they will return to normal.
Pig.png Pig Passive Shifty A Quality Item.png Upon death, instantly revives the player with full health.
Ser Junkan 1.png Ser Junkan Passive Next time... who is he? C Quality Item.png Summons Ser Junkan, who follows the player, attacks enemies, and becomes stronger for each Junk picked up. With enough Junk collected, will sacrifice himself for the player.

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