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Synthesizers are a collection of items that give a chance to be rewarded pickups.

Item Pickup Awarded Criteria Chance
Ammo Synthesizer.png
Ammo Synthesizer
Ammo.png 5% of total Ammo on

currently eqquiped gun

After killing an enemy 10%
Heart Synthesizer.png
Heart Synthesizer
Half Heart.png Half a heart After clearing a room

without taking damage

Armor Synthesizer.png
Armor Synthesizer
Armor.png Armor After clearing a room

without taking damage

Master of Unlocking.png
Master of Unlocking
Key.png Key Upon room clear Unknown
Coin Crown.png
Coin Crown
Money.png 5 Shells Upon room clear Unknown


Synergy.png Synthetic Shield - If the player has two or three of Ammo, Armor, and Heart synthesizer, they will gain one or three orbiting companions that will block bullets, depending on how many items they have. They act much like Guon Stones.

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