Gunnut Butter

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Gunnut Butter
Gunnut Butter.png
Type: Quest Item
Ammonomicon Entry
Contains No Nuts
Flaky and dry. This plaster-like "butter" was requested by Daisuke.

Gunnut Butter is a quest item in Exit the Gungeon. After encountering Daisuke more than five times in the Gungeon, he may state that he is hungry, and request that you bring him some food, and butter to go with it. After this interaction, Gunnut Butter can then be obtained by carefully snatching it out from underneath rat balloons in Winchester's Original Game or Just Desserts Golf.



  • Gunnut Butter does not have a fixed entry in the Diginomicon, and as such it's description can only be read while it is in the player's inventory.
  • The name "Gunnut Butter" references Gun Nut enemies from both Enter and Exit the Gungeon.
  • Gunnut Butter is based on peanut butter.


After giving Daisuke the Gunnut Butter: "Woah organic Gunnut Butter!? Thanks!." "Now I just need a Pretzel Stick."

After giving Daisuke the Gunnut Butter and retalking to him: "I got this Gunnut Butter but I need something salty to offset this creamy flavor. Let me know if you find any Pretzel Sticks!" options: <Give Pretzel Stick> or <Say Nothing>