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Icon Name Quote Quality Description
Alpha Bullet.png Alpha Bullet First! B Quality Item.png The first bullet of every clip deals 80% more damage.
Amulet of the Pit Lord.png Amulet of the Pit Lord No Fall Damage A Quality Item.png Falling into elevator shafts deals no damage.

Has a cooldown

Angry Bullets.png Angry Bullets Hungry For More A Quality Item.png Bullets bounce off of enemies, in the direction of other enemies.
Antibody.png Antibody Heals Up
BabyGoodShelleton.png Baby Good Shelleton Grave Lad Grants a miniature Shelleton familiar who flies around shooting green laser beams at enemies.
Banana Jam Hands.png Banana Jam Hands Icky B Quality Item.png Greatly increases the rate at which the player's blessed gun will change forms. Upon changing forms the old form will be thrown in the direction the player is aiming, with the ability to damage enemies.
Bumbullets.png Bumbullets Bumblecore B Quality Item.png Occasionally when shooting, a bee will be shot in addition to the normal projectile.
-1 Bullets.png +1 Bullets +1 To Bullet Increases damage.
Chaos Ammolet.png Chaos Ammolet What Can Will A Quality Item.png Using a blank inflicts each on-screen enemy with a random status effect.
Gold Ammolet.png Gold Ammolet Blank Damage Up C Quality Item.png Greatly increases the damage that player blanks deal to enemies.
Copper Ammolet.png Copper Ammolet Blanks Ignite Using a blank ignites on-screen enemies.
Frost Ammolet.png Frost Ammolet Chance To Freeze B Quality Item.png Using a blank freezes on-screen enemies.
Lodestone Ammolet.png Lodestone Ammolet Blank Knockback Up Greatly increases the force with which blanks push away nearby enemies.
Uranium Ammolet.png Uranium Ammolet Blanks Poison Using a blank poisons on-screen enemies.
Bloody Eye.png Bloody Eye Slower Enemy Bullets Enemy bullets move slower.
Blown Fuse.png Blown Fuse Corona Discharge B Quality Item.png Collecting a powerup triggers a blank effect.
Broccoli.png Broccoli Makes You Strong
Bullet Idol.png Bullet Idol Vengeful Spirit Taking damage deals significant damage to all enemies on screen.
Clone.png Clone The Real Me 1S Quality Item.png Upon death, resurrects the player in the first elevator with full health and all the items that they died with.

The Robot is resurrected with six pieces of armor.

Coin Crown.png Coin Crown Play Well, Get Money C Quality Item.png Increases coin drop rate.
Badge.png Badge By The Book Grants a police officer companion who flies around shooting at enemies.
Dog.png Dog Junior II Grants a dog companion who flies around and collects money, pickups, and powerups on the players behalf.
Explosive Rounds.png Explosive Rounds Mega Blast Bullets have a chance of exploding when hitting an enemy, object, or wall.
Eyepatch.png Eyepatch Hit Harder Less Often A Quality Item.png Increases damage but decreases accuracy.
Fat Bullets.png Fat Bullets Fatter = Stronger B Quality Item.png Bullets are much fatter, deal more damage, but move slightly slower.
Flak Bullets.png Flak Bullets Catch Some! C Quality Item.png When bullets hit something they launch smaller projectiles (from the point impact) in all directions.
Bouncy Bullets.png Bouncy Bullets Boiyoiyoing! C Quality Item.png Allows the player's bullets to bounce off of walls twice.
Frost Bullets.png Frost Bullets Icy Fire Bullets have a chance be freeze enemies.
Gilded Bullets.png Gilded Bullets The Gun Percent Bullets deal increased damage based on how much money the player has.
Green Guon Stone.png Green Guon Stone Chance To Heal Orbits the player blocking bullets and has a chance to heal upon clearing a floor.
Gunboots.png Gunboots They Go Down Well C Quality Item.png Fires a spread of five bullets when the player dodge rolls, opposite to the direction of the roll. Has a cooldown.

Works on both the ascending and descending dodge roll.

Gundromeda Strain.png Gundromeda Strain All Enemies Weaker! 1S Quality Item.png All enemies have reduced health.
Gungeon Pepper.png Gungeon Pepper The Heat Is On! Deals damage to nearby enemies.
Heart Bottle.png Heart Bottle Liquid Life B Quality Item.png Grants a heart container.
Heart Holster.png Heart Holster On Your Sleeve C Quality Item.png Grants a heart container.
Heart Locket.png Heart Locket Momento Mori B Quality Item.png Grants a heart container.
Heart Lunchbox.png Heart Lunchbox Healthy Meal B Quality Item.png Grants a heart container.
Heart of Ice.png Heart of Ice That's Cold Grants a heart container. Taking damage releases bouncing ice bullets.
Heart Purse.png Heart Purse Form Begets Function Grants a heart container.
Heavy Boots.png Heavy Boots Low Center Of Mass Enemies are knocked away when landing on the ground from high enough.
Heavy Bullets.png Heavy Bullets Thunk! Bullets move much slower but deal significantly more damage.
Homing Bullets.png Homing Bullets Fire And Forget Bullets slightly home towards enemies.
Honeycomb.png Honeycomb Bee Prepared Taking damage releases homing bees.
Hot Lead.png Hot Lead Chance To Ignite Occasionally fire a flaming bullet that will light enemies on fire.
Junk.png Junk Next Time... Who Is He? Ser Junkan follows the player occasionally attacking enemies.
Lichy Trigger Finger.png Lichy Trigger Finger Rate Of Fire Up Increases fire rate.
Liquid Valkyrie.png Liquid Valkyrie Maximum Pain A Quality Item.png Makes enemy bullets move slower.
Live Ammo.png Live Ammo I'm A Bullet Too! Enemies no longer deal contact damage.
Loot Bag.png Loot Bag Doesn't Float Enemies drop more money, but the player drops money upon taking damage. This money is dropped onto the ground, and there is a small window where it can be re-collected before vanishing.
Magic Bullets.png Magic Bullets Sufficiently Advanced A Quality Item.png All bullets have a small chance to transmogrify enemies into a random harmless animal.
Magic Sweet.png Magic Sweet Free Stats 1S Quality Item.png Increases most stats, including a heart canister, fire rate, and movement speed.
Master Round I.png Master Round Upward Mobility N/A Grants a heart container.
Master Round II.png Master Round Upward Mobility N/A Grants a heart container.
Master Round III.png Master Round Upward Mobility N/A Grants a heart container.
Master Round IV.png Master Round Upward Mobility N/A Grants a heart container.
Master Round V.png Master Round Upward Mobility N/A Grants a heart container.
Galactic Medal of Valor.png Galactic Medal of Valor Courage Increased Deal more damage to bosses.

Increases reload speed and accuracy.

Medkit.png Medkit Heals C Quality Item.png Fully heals the player.
Roll Bomb.png Roll Bomb Power Charge C Quality Item.png Dodge rolling releases a bomb that explodes after a short delay.
Military Training.png Military Training Hold Facing Enemy C Quality Item.png Increased weapon accuracy and reload speed.
Mustache.png Mustache A Familiar Face C Quality Item.png Chance to heal the player upon purchasing items at a Shop. Also grants a 15% shop discount.
Disarming Personality XTG.png Disarming Personality For You? Reduces the costs of items in shops by 20%.
Omega Bullets.png Omega Bullets Last! The last bullet of every clip deals extra damage.
Orange Guon Stone.png Orange Guon Stone Hot Rock Orbits the player, block bullets and occasionally firing a small bullet at enemies.
Owl.png Owl Hoots And More 1S Quality Item.png
Pig.png Pig Shifty
Pink Guon Stone.png Pink Guon Stone Increased Health B Quality Item.png Grants a heart container, and a guon stone orbital that orbits the player and blocks bullets.
Irradiated Lead.png Irradiated Lead Poison Shot B Quality Item.png Bullets have a chance to poison enemies.
Enraging Photo.png Enraging Photo Don't Believe His Lies When the player takes damage, enemies are lit on fire and the player does increased damage for a short time.
Space Friend.png Space Friend A Friend From The Space Follows the player and fires lasers at enemies.
Riddle of Lead.png Riddle Of Lead This You Can Trust
Ring of Miserly Protection.png Ring of Miserly Protection Aids The Fiscally Responsible B Quality Item.png Grants two heart containers. Breaks permanently upon the player spending any money at a shop. Spending money for Rat Keys and Bait does not affect it.
Rolling Eye.png Rolling Eye Back At You B Quality Item.png Rolling through bullets rebounds them toward the enemy that shot them.
Scattershot.png Scattershot Quantity Over Quality B Quality Item.png Bullets do slightly less damage but are split into three projectile streams, basically turning every weapon into a shotgun. (Even though every gun fires like a shotgun, they still keep their normal range.)
Seven-Leaf Clover.png Seven-Leaf Clover Lucky! Increases luck. Increased chance of items and powerups appearing as well as increases the quality of chests.
Shadow Bullets.png Shadow Bullets Double Tap Occasionally fire an additional projectile when shooting.
Spiked Boots.png Spiked Boots Bonk Power Activate Jumping onto enemies will cause the player to bounce off, dealing a small amount of damage to the enemy.
White Guon Stone.png White Guon Stone Kindles Blanks B Quality Item.png Grants a Guon Stone that orbits the player and blocks bullets.

Grants an extra blank every floor.

Wax Wings.v3.png Wax Wings Too Close To The Gun 1S Quality Item.png Grants omnidirectional flight. The player is no longer affected by gravity. Replaces the ascending dodge roll with slowed time.
Wingman.png Wingman Got Your Back 1S Quality Item.png Orbits the player firing missiles at enemies.
Ammo Belt.png Ammo Belt Ammo Capacity Up!
Armor Synthesizer.png Armor Synthesizer Play Well, Get Armor Has a chance to create an armor for the player upon clearing a room.
Magnet.png Magnet Mysterious Magic C Quality Item.png Pickups, Powerups, and Money.png are pulled towards the player from farther away.
Crisis Stone.png Crisis Stone Reload. Reload. Reload. Provides invulnerability when reloading an empty clip.
Drum Clip.png Drum Clip One Size Fits All
Heart Synthesizer.png Heart Synthesizer Play Well, Get Hearts Has a chance to create a heart piece for the player upon clearing a room.
Hip Holster.png Hip Holster Quickdraw Fire a bullet upon reloading.
Super Space Turtle.png Super Space Turtle Hero From Space 1S Quality Item.png A space turtle follows the player, blocking bullets and attacking enemies.
Ammolet of Endurance.png Ammolet of Endurance Combo Unbreaker A Quality Item.png Adds a chance that the player's combo will not be reset upon taking damage.
Combombs.png Combombs Com-Bombadil Com-Bombadillo! C Quality Item.png Increasing your combo by 1 causes the player to release an explosive grenade that automatically flies towards enemies.
Submeowrine.png Submeowrine Gato Aquato B Quality Item.png Grants a cat submarine companion that floats around shooting homing missiles at enemies.
Whisper Gem.png Whisper Gem Long Distance Connection 1S Quality Item.png Triggers a blank effect whenever the player's blessed gun changes forms.
Wolf.png Wolf Junior A wolf follows the player and attacks enemies.
Bait Worm.png Bait Worm Angling Your Shot N/A Allows the player to fight the Glocktopus.

Quest Items

Icon Name Quote Recipient Unlocks
Gungear Pocket.png Gungear Pocket Great For Solitude Old Man Spiked Boots
Cane.png Cane Daisy Old Red Baby Good Shelleton
File:Unstealable Stool.png Unstealable Stool ? Bello Mustache, and the Jukebox in Bello's Shop.
Gunnut Butter.png Gunnut Butter Daisuke Ability to find Pretzel Stick in minigames
Pretzel Stick.png Pretzel Stick Pre-salted Daisuke Rolling Eye
Glue.png Glue ? Flynt Pig
Salt.png Salt Himalaygun Yellow Professor Goopton Antibody