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Items and guns that cause a blank effect. Ammolets excluded.


Icon Name Type Quote Quality Effect
Blank Bullets.png Blank Bullets Passive The Best Defense... 1S Quality Item.png Projectile impacts can trigger a short range blank. Increases curse by 1.5.
Owl.png Owl Passive Hoots And More 1S Quality Item.png Follows the player, firing bullets at enemies and occasionally using short-ranged blanks.
Blank Companion's Ring.png Blank Companion's Ring Passive He Tries A Quality Item.png Activates a blank each time an active item is used.
Clown Mask.png Clown Mask Passive Anonymity Aid B Quality Item.png Summons a random familiar with a clown mask who either stuns enemies, protects the player with mini blanks, or attacks enemies with a shotgun.
Daruma.png Daruma Active Good Fortune B Quality Item.png Can be used immediately after dodging a bullet to activate a blank effect.
Elder Blank.png Elder Blank Active Excommunicate Bullets B Quality Item.png Activates a blank. Increases curse by 2 while held.
Full Metal Jacket.png Full Metal Jacket Passive Automated Defenses B Quality Item.png Automatically activates one of the player's blanks when they are about to take damage.
White Guon Stone.png White Guon Stone Passive Kindles Blanks B Quality Item.png Orbits the player, blocking enemy shots on contact. Grants an extra blank per floor.
Table Tech Blanks.png Table Tech Blanks Passive Flip Clarity C Quality Item.png Flipping a table activates a free blank.
Holey Grail.png Holey Grail Passive Withered Vessel D Quality Item.png Upon taking damage, triggers a blank effect and refills 50% of the ammo of all the player's guns. Increases curse by 1.


Icon Name Quote Quality Type DPS Magazine Size Ammo Capacity Damage Fire Rate Reload Time Shot Speed Range Force Spread Notes
Composite Gun.png Composite Gun Undetectable 1S Quality Item.png Charged 100 2 50 Uncharged: 40

Charged: 100

0.20 0.6 25 Infinity.png 10 0 Charged shot consumes all ammo in magazine and will activate a blank effect when it hits a wall.
Dark Marker.png Dark Marker Big Bang 1S Quality Item.png Semiautomatic 38.6 12 250 Bullets: 13.5

Charged Particle: 40x2 (80)

Explosion: 60 (Close) 50 (Far)

0.20 2.0s 32 Infinity.png 20 0 Can be charged to fire a red projectile and a blue projectile at the cost of 10 ammo, both of which curve and meet at one point. When the two projectiles meet, they create a large explosion and trigger a blank effect.

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