Planar Lead

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Planar Lead
Planar Lead.png
Type: Passive
Quality: N/A
Ammonomicon Entry
Astral Slug
Bullet Component.

This extraplanar lead was once part of the great Bullet that fell from the sky, the origin of all Gundead. It shimmers softly, shifting between the material and ethereal sides of the Curtain. Grows hot in the presence of enemies.

Planar Lead is a passive item.

How to acquire

In the Hollow, there is a large, seemingly empty room with a chasm on the right side. Planar Lead is located on the other side of the chasm. The room contains a randomly generated invisible path which can be crossed several ways:

  • Shoot and reload to leave shells on the ground to test for where the invisible path is. This can be done easily with starting guns, as they drop shells backwards.
  • Guns that leave liquid or debris on the ground, such as Fossilized Gun or Mega Douser, will reveal the path.
  • With Amulet of the Pit Lord, trial and error is a viable method as there is no penalty for falling off the path.
  • Any item that grants flight, such as Wax Wings, Jetpack, Balloon Gun, Ring of Ethereal Form, or Cat Bullet King Throne can be used to cross the chasm without the need for the path.
  • The Grappling Hook or Directional Pad can be used to cross the chasm or snag the item itself.
  • Bloodied Scarf can also be used to cross the chasm; by holding down roll it can be charged to blink the player across if the player is standing on the very edge of the ledge.

If the player falls off the path, the path will change.



  • The item cannot be dropped, so if The Cultist picks up the item, there is no way for it to be given to the Blacksmith.
  • Bullet casings will disappear if you fall into the chasm at any point.
  • The Curtain referenced in the item's description may refer to the Japanese term "Danmaku", which is often used to describe shooting games with high bullet density; similar to the English term "Bullet Hell". "Danmaku" is a compound word, colloquially meaning "barrage", made up of the words for "Bullet" and "Curtain".
    • This is likely also a reference to the Ethereal Curtains of Dungeons and Dragons, which serve as a link between the Material and Ethereal planes of existence.

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