Stuffed Star

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Stuffed Star
Stuffed Star.png
Type: Active
Quality: B Quality Item.png
Sell Creep Price: 30 Money.png
Floor Dmg
1 600
Oub 799.98
2 780
Abbey 999.96
3 960
4 1110
5/6 1260
Duration: 9 seconds
Ammonomicon Entry
Protective Plush
Provides temporary invulnerability.

This is a shooting star which has been embalmed and stuffed with soft fuzz. Tape several to your body and be safe from harm.

Stuffed Star is an active item.


  • While active, makes the player rainbow-colored and invincible.


  • Synergy.png Double Rainbow - If the player also has Unicorn Horn, while Stuffed Star is active, the player will emit 5 rainbow beams in a star pattern.
  • Synergy.png Softshell - If the player is holding Brick Breaker, while Stuffed Star is active, Brick Breaker shells are continually fired in random directions.
  • Synergy.png Star Friends - If the player also has Polaris, while Stuffed Star is active, the player will continually fire max level Polaris shots in all directions.
    • Strangely, all of these synergies seem to be mutually exclusive. That is to say, the Stuffed Star will only produce the effects of one synergy even if more than one of the qualifying items are held. Which one is to be used seems to be based on the latest item picked up (citation needed).
  • While active, enemy bullets will slightly knock the player back.
  • The item does not prevent damage from falling into pits or from fire traps.
  • When Stuffed Star is active, the player is not allowed to use any Cigarettes.
  • Prior to the Supply Drop Update, Stuffed Star was a C Quality Item.png item.


  • This item is a reference to the famous invincibility-granting Super Star power-up from Super Mario Bros.
  • The synergy Synergy.png Star Friends is a reference to the Polaris's inspiration, the Polar Star from Cave Story.

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