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Table Techs are a collection of Items & Synergies that activate when a table is flipped. Currently, there are 8 Table Tech items and 4 synergies (these synergies are known as "Hidden Techs").

Table Tech Effect (when a table is flipped)
Table Tech Blanks.png
Table Tech Blanks
Creates the effect of a blank at the position of the table, erasing all enemy bullets on screen, pushing back and slightly damaging all enemies.

Synergy.png Hidden Tech Bees - Every bullet destroyed by the blank effect is replaced by a bee projectile belonging to the player.

Table Tech Rocket.png
Table Tech Rocket
Launches the table in the direction it was flipped as a rocket, which explodes upon contact with a wall, obstacle, or enemy.
Table Tech Sight.png
Table Tech Sight
Slows briefly slows down time and triples the number of bullets fired by the player for three seconds.

Synergy.png Hidden Tech Time - Briefly stops time instead of simply slowing it down.

Table Tech Shotgun.png
Table Tech Shotgun
Fires a shotgun blast of 10 bouncing, homing bullets in the direction that the table was flipped.

Synergy.png Hidden Tech Big Shotgun - Replaces the bullets fired by Table Tech Shotgun with bullets from the Big Shotgun.

Table Tech Money.png
Table Tech Money
Flips all tables in a room the same direction the initial one was flipped. Each table flipped has a 40% chance to drop 1-4Money.png
Table Tech Stun.png
Table Tech Stun
Stuns all enemies within a small radius.
Table Tech Heat.png
Table Tech Heat
Creates a radial aura around the table in which all enemies are set on fire.

Synergy.png Hidden Tech Flare - Triples the radius of the fire aura, and inflicts enemies with green fire instead of regular fire.

Table Tech Rage.png
Table Tech Rage
Doubles the players damage for 4 seconds.



  • Every regular Table Tech is a chapter of a text called the "Tabla Sutra", a book for learning "Flipjitsu".
    • "Flipjitsu" is a pun on jujutsu, a family of Japanese martial arts.
    • "Tabla" is Hindi for "Table", while a sutra is a kind of short Indian literary composition intended to teach rituals, literature, philosophy, law, or a great number of other concepts in a brief form, requiring interpretation. Famous examples include the Brahma Sutras, Yoga Sutras, or Nyāya Sutras.