Microtransaction Gun

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Microtransaction Gun
Microtransaction Gun.png
Type: Semiautomatic
Quality: A Quality Item.png
Magazine Size: Current amount of Money.png held
Max Ammo: Current amount of Money.png held
DPS: 44.38 (average)
Damage: 2/8/15/20
Fire Rate: 0.20
Sell Creep Price: 41 Money.png
Unlock Method: Purchase from Ox and Cadence for 100 Hegemony Credit.png, or purchase the Microtransaction Gun DLC.
Ammonomicon Entry
Pay To Win
Everyone involved in the production of this gun thought it was a bad idea, but the higher-ups made them build it anyway.

Later, management shut down that gun factory for making a gun no one liked.

Microtransaction Gun is a gun that fires gems, books, money, and figurines of the Gungeoneers in exchange for one Money.png per shot, listed below.

Item Damage Effect
Figurine of Marine 20 Pierces enemies and bounces around 4 times
Figurine of Pilot 15 Opens locks like the AKEY-47
Figurine of Convict 15 Causes a small Molotov effect at its place of impact
Figurine of Hunter 15 Homes in on enemies
Figurine of a Bullet Kin 8 Charms the enemy on impact
Green crystal 15 None
Book/comic 2 None
Bundle of money 2 None

This gun can also be unlocked immediately by buying the Collector's Edition, or the relevant DLC.


  • Synergy.png http://merch.devolverdigital.com - If the player also has Mustache, Microtransaction Gun's damage is doubled.
  • Duct-Taping Microtransaction Gun to another gun will no longer take away money per shot, as long as the tape is first used on the Microtransaction Gun.
    • The ammo given by Microtransaction Gun when duct-taped to another weapon is 400, regardless of the amount of money the player has.


  • The expression "Pay To Win" is derived from micro-transaction-heavy games, where an advantage over other players can be achieved by investing more money in the game.
  • The green crystals this gun fires and uses as its ammo counter may be a reference to "Dungeon Keeper", an iOS game by EA which famously blocked player progress unless they separately purchased green crystals which would greatly speed the game up.
  • The randomness of its projectiles may be a reference to lootboxes, a common in-game purchasable that provides random items to buyers.
  • The Microtransaction Gun is available as an added DLC on Steam, thus allowing players to make a microtransaction to obtain the Microtransaction Gun immediately rather than unlocking it normally through gameplay.
  • Since the Microtransaction Gun's max ammo and current ammo are both equal to the player's Money.png, it always reads "Full" if the player tries to collect an ammo box while holding it.
  • The Microtransaction Gun is the second most expensive item sold by Ox and Cadence.
  • The Synergy Synergy.png http://merch.devolverdigital.com - Is the link to the Devolver Digital merchandise shop


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