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Ammolets are a collection of amulet-themed items that grants an extra blank each floor, while also triggering different effects upon activating a blank (with one exception).

Icon Item Quote Quality Effect
Chaos Ammolet.png Chaos Ammolet What Can Will A Quality Item.png Blanks have a chance to poison, freeze, ignite, or stun enemies.
Copper Ammolet.png Copper Ammolet Blanks Ignite B Quality Item.png Blanks have a chance to ignite enemies.
Frost Ammolet.png Frost Ammolet Chance To Freeze B Quality Item.png Blanks have a chance to freeze enemies.
Gold Ammolet.png Gold Ammolet Blank Damage Up B Quality Item.png Increases blank damage to 60.
Lodestone Ammolet.png Lodestone Ammolet Blank Knockback Up D Quality Item.png Increases the knockback of blanks and stuns enemies for 3 seconds.
Uranium Ammolet.png Uranium Ammolet Blanks Poison B Quality Item.png Blanks have a chance to poison enemies.
Ammolet of Endurance.png Ammolet of Endurance Combo Unbreaker B Quality Item.png Has a high chance to prevent the player's combo from being reset upon them taking damage.

In addition, Ammolets in Enter the Gungeon are also affected by any item that activates a blank effect, such as:



  • “Ammolet” is a portmanteau of “ammo” and “amulet.”


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