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Disambigsprite.png This article is about the Gungeoneer. For the enemy, see Gun Cultist.

The Cultist is one of the Gungeoneers in the games Enter the Gungeon and Exit the Gungeon. In Enter the Gungeon, they are only accessible as part of the co-op mode. In Enter the Gungeon, NPCs will never refer to this character as 'Cultist', always using either a random nickname or the name Mysterious Companion.


The Cultist is a child of the Gungeon,[1] implied to have been born there. It is suggested that they may wish to obtain the Gun That Can Kill The Past so that an (otherwise unmentioned) sibling takes the blame for spilling grape juice on a couch,[2] however this is never mentioned outside of a hypothetical.

Over the course of accompanying another Gungeoneer through the Gungeon, they slowly grow jealous of the protagonists importance, and are mistreated and demeaned by various NPCs. Eventually, The Cultist decides that they will defeat player one, and take their place in the role of protagonist.

Past Kill

If The Gun That Can Kill The Past is used on The Cultist, they will be brought back to The Breach earlier that same day. The Cultist will tell the protagonist that they are sick of being referred to as "Number 2" and will then challenge them to a duel over who the game's story will focus on. Two pedestals each carrying a Magnum will have spawned, one behind the protagonist and one behind The Cultist. The two players are then allowed to move around The Breach, pick up a Magnum and fight each other to the death. Each player has 3 hearts and 2 blanks. The Breach is completely devoid of any of the usual NPCs at this time and all doorways, including the entrance to the Gungeon, are blocked off. A few tables are also scattered around, as to provide cover during the fight. If The Cultist wins the duel, they declare themself the hero only to realize that their actions could very well make them the villain.

Regardless of who wins the duel, the Cultist's alternate costume will be unlocked.

Escape Route

For a more detailed breakdown of each elevator, see; Routes#The Cultist's Route

Like all characters in Exit the Gungeon, the Cultist's escape route up through the Gungeon features a series of unique elevators.

Cultist Forge Elevator.png Cultist Hollow Elevator.png Cultist Mines Elevator.png Cultist Gungeon Proper Elevator.png Keep Elevator.png
The Forge The Hollow Black Powder Mine Gungeon Proper Keep of the Lead Lord
Six individual two-layer platforms each carried by a balloon. Falling Arrowkin will periodically pop these balloons and cause the platform to fall until the balloon respawns. Standard two-level elevator with additional higher platforms. Periodically, a skull will appear and fire a wave of arrows which must be avoided. A horizontal sidescroller in which the player must navigate through several obstacles while a mechanical wall of sawblades chases them. Touching the sawblades deals damage. No elevator. The player must climb a series of rickety platforms to keep pace with an auto-scrolling camera. Same for all characters. A free-moving rocket powered platform which bounces around the elevator shaft.

In The Halls of Knowledge XTG

The Cultist
Cultist bullet kin.png
Statistics and Information
Health: 25
Location: Halls of Knowledge

In Exit the Gungeon, the Cultist appears in a Bullet Kin costume in the Halls of Knowledge, where he acts as an assistant to Ser Manuel. He aids Ser Manuel by demonstrating the dodge roll, and serving as a moving target to be gunned down by the player with the Pea Shooter.

During the brief combat segment, the Cultist is treated as an enemy, meaning that they are targeted by controller auto-aim, and deal contact damage to the player. Despite this, the Cultist makes no attempt to actually attack the player.

If the player enters the Halls of Knowledge and speaks to Ser Manuel while playing as the Cultist, Manuel will refuse to perform the tutorial for them, saying; "Oh... it's you, Cultist. I'm not wasting my time running through this thing again with you. Send one of the others in if they want.".

The Cultist does not have an entry in the Diginomicon.

Other Appearances


  • NPCs in The Breach and the Gungeon shopkeepers will refuse to talk to The Cultist, declaring that they will only speak to the protagonist. The full list of rude rebukes is as follows;
    • "Who are you? Go away."
    • "I don't want to talk to a sidekick."
    • "Is that a toy gun? Are you kidding?"
    • "Why are you speaking to me?"
    • "Get out of here, kid."
    • "No one likes you. Don't talk to me."
    • "I'm not here to babysit."
    • "I only want to talk to the protagonist."
  • If either player has stolen something, in the Cultist's past, the Cultist may refer to the main character as "thief". This may be a reference to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.
  • When entering another Gungeoneer's past, the Cultist will usually only have a Dart Gun. The exceptions to this are the Bullets Past, where the Cultist begins with nothing and will gain a duplicate Wooden Blasphemy at the same time as the Bullet, and the Pilot's Past, where the cultist appears as a purple copy of the Pilot's spaceship.
  • In the timefall sequence after using the Gun That Can Kill The Past, the Cultist appears as a tumbling skeleton. This is the default timefall animation for characters who do not have proper sprites for the sequence.
  • If the option "Increase Speed When Out Of Combat" is activated, the speed of both players will be increased during the Cultists past. This is because the criteria for being 'out of combat' depends on the presence of enemies, and does not account for pvp combat.
  • The guns in the cultists past can run out of ammo, despite the game not showing the ammo counter. If out of ammo, the Magnum can be thrown to deal a half heart of damage. Thrown magnums can be picked back up by either player.
  • The Cultist's blanks and armor will carry over into their past, giving them an advantage over the protagonist during the final duel.
  • It is possible for one player to take both guns in the past for themselves, rendering the other player defenseless.
  • The Cultist cannot begin the speedrun timer. This makes it theoretically possible to beat the game with 0 seconds on the timer if Player 1 can be killed in the first room.
  • The only NPC that will not meet the Cultist with a rude dismissal is Winchester when encountered in the Gungeon. If spoken to in the Breach, he will be as flippant as the rest of the NPCs.
  • If the Cultist is alive during the Punch-Out phase of the Resourceful Rat bossfight, he will not be able to help, being tied up and helpless next to the bomb.
  • XTG In the tutorial of Exit the Gungeon, if the player dodge rolls before the Cultist is finished performing their dodge roll demonstraion, the Cultist will stop and begin to cry before teleporting away.
  • XTG The Cultists boss splash screen portrait appears to show them with purple painted fingernails, and a pentagram on the back of their right hand.


Cut Content

  • In the asset files of Enter the Gungeon, there exists a boss splash screen portrait and map icon for the Cultist in grey robes, looking far more like a Gun Cultist enemy and carrying a real gun.



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