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Expand the Gungeon is a mod created by Apache Thunder. It is one of the few expansion mods and adds new floors, items, custom "junk enemies", and a custom boss.

you can download Expand the Gungeon here:

Source Code:

Custom Floors

Expand the Gungeon currently adds 3 (but possibly 4?[citation needed]) custom floors, each with unique qualities and tilesets.

The Jungle

The Jungle is the first of the custom floors that you will encounter in Expand. The jungle is an alternate floor to The Oubliette. The entrance to The Jungle appears on the first floor in a room with Arrowkin and two locked doors. Behind the locked doors is a large tree, which is the entrance to the jungle. The tree can only be opened using fire, you can either use an Item or Gun that shoots fire, or you can use the oil barrel and explosive barrel found within the room to set the tree on fire. The jungle itself does not have any new enemies, but it does use enemies from the R&G Dept. along with a copious number of Arrowkin, enemies usually not encountered in standard runs. In the jungle there is a crest room, similar to the one in The Oubliette, which is used to access another one of expands floors, Belly of The Beast. The Boss for the jungle is the The Last Human, from the Robot's past, though it is renamed to Com4nd0, and spawns normal enemies as opposed to terminator-like enemies.

The Belly

The Belly is the second of the custom floors you encounter in Expand. The Belly is an alternate floor to The Abbey of the True Gun, and its entrance is also very similar. You place the wooden crest(found in the jungle) on an altar similar to the entrance to the Abbey. The boss of this area is the Interdimensional Horror, though it is renamed to the Parasitic Abomination. After defeating said boss there is a room with a guaranteed black chest, and the exit to the area.

Old West

the Old West is the final floor offered by Expand the Gungeon and requires a Rat Key to enter it in The Hollow, making it both an alternative to both the R&G dept, and a succession to the Resourceful Rat's Lair. The floor is full of puzzles and difficult to find secrets to locate rat keys which can be used to progress through the floor, the floor contains a few too many things to note but a significant part is the 5 gate hallway behind the shop, each gate needing rat keys to open. beyond said gates is a guessing game leading to a rainbow chest, this game requires rat keys, a few rooms of enemies that will earn you rat keys upon completion, and a room where you fight phase 1 of the Resourceful Rat after which he dies and you can destroy his corpse for a rat key, this room also presents an entrance to the Aimless Void. The special bosses in this floor are the Doppelgunner, which is a copy of your current gungeoneer. This boss shoots the same bullets as your current gun, and the Western Bros, which are 3 bosses that get angered when two of them die.

??? ("an alien place")

"An alien place"(not actual name) is a strange floor seemingly only accessible via the Portable Elevator item. While it seems to have it's own textures and colour schemes, the floor's enemies and layout are seemingly identical to the Abbey of the True Gun, including the boss, who is [presumably] always the Old King. However, if you kill the old king flawlessly, you will be awarded a Corrupted Master Round instead of the regular nothing you get for beating him flawlessly. The only other thing of note is that the floor does not contain Brother Albern.




Name Quote Quality Effect
Baby Good Hammer It's Hammer Time! B Quality Item.png An active item companion that summons a Dead Blow Forge Hammer to do your bidding! Thanks to Retrash for providing the item sprite.
Corruption Bomb Causes widespread corruption. 1S Quality Item.png A powerful bomb that corrupts the reality around you. Corrupted enemies can no longer attack. May have surprising effects on other objects. Test it out on things if you dare!
Table Tech Assassin Betray the Flipper D Quality Item.png Tables flipped by enemies are betrayed by their tables. Tabled flipped by enemies explode.
Corrupted Junk Next Time... What even is this!? A Quality Item.png Junk warped by corruption. May grant player an obscene amount of a random consumable.

Has a glitching effect while on the ground.

Cronenberg Bullets Creates abominations... B Quality Item.png Bullets that have a chance to transmorgify enemies into a horrible cronenberg abomination. Sprite work courtasy of Neighborino!
Mimiclay The Highest Form Of Flattery Special item dropped by custom boss on custom secret floor. One time use active item. Clones another active or passive when used while said active/passive is spawned/near the player. This item idea/code was created thanks to Retrash.
The Lead Key Ancient Dungeons Beyond Space B Quality Item.png Special active item that will teleport the player to a new room not normally connected to the floor. Small chance of being a shop, shrine, or chest room.
The Bullet Kin Gun Fires Bullet Kin... C Quality Item.png Fires Bullet Kin....No further explenation needed.
Baby Sitter You've got a friend in me... B Quality Item.png Companion item that gives you The Cultist as a non playable companion. Like Cop, he can die. When this happens you get curse and damage up.
Rock Slide Crushing Defeat B Quality Item.png Causes rocks to fall on your enemies! Amount of rocks is random. Sometimes all enemies get targeted while other times only a few do.
Pow Block Shaken not stirred... C Quality Item.png Flips enemies and makes them easier to kill. Flipped enemies can no longer attack.
Cursed Brick Fragment of a living wall... D Quality Item.png Significantly increases Wall Mimic spawn rate.
Portable Elevator Make a Hasty Exit B Quality Item.png <WIP> A single-use active item that calls down an elevator to an unknown floor (see '???'). Upon exiting the floor, you will find yourself in the next floor to the one you used the item floor.
Corrupted Master Round Corrupted Chamber N/A <WIP> Effect unknown, presumably grants one heart container.

Has a glitching effect while on the ground. Synergy.png Master's Chambers - Seemingly allows the Chamber Gun to cycle through all of its modes (including the secret floor modes), but it can also change into the mimic gun, though you are not forced to use it.