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Hollowpoint.png XtG Hollowpoint.png
Statistics and Information
ETG Health:
1 O 2 A 3 4/R 5/6
25 33.33 32.5 41.67 40 46.25 52.5
XTG Health:
1 2 3 4 5
38.5 42.88 45.5 49 52.5
Aliases: Ghost (Internal)
Hollow Point[1]
Ammonomicon Entry

Ammonomicon Hollowpoint.png

Undead Gundead
Able to dematerialize and rematerialize at will, these spirits still cling to the combat they knew in life.

When a Bullet Kin dies, they are sent to the Hollow. These spent shells occasionally return to their original Chamber, empowered with ghostly abilities.

"The next contract is less of a hunt and more of an exorcism." - Frifledialogue.png Frifle

Hollowpoints are enemies that appear in Enter the Gungeon, Exit the Gungeon, and Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead.


Enter the Gungeon ETG

Hollowpoints float towards the player, rapidly firing bullets at the player. They will occasionally disappear and reappear elsewhere in the room.

They do not deal contact damage.

Exit the Gungeon XTG

Hollowpoints drift slowly towards the player, periodically firing a burst of three bullets in their direction. Since Hollowpoints fly, they are unaffected by difficult elevator layouts.

Other Appearances

  • Several Hollowpoints appear in the Enter the Gungeon Digital Comic.
  • A Hollowpoint is the subject of the Level 3 Enter the Gungeon Steam Profile Badge, titled Hollow Point.
    • Noticeably, this depiction of the Hollowpoint has feet, and the name Hollowpoint is spelled with a space.


  • In Enter the Gungeon, Hollowpoints wield the Thompson Sub-Machinegun, while in Exit the Gungeon they wield the AK-47.
  • ETG Hollowpoints have a unique spawn animation, fading into existence instead of appearing with a gunshot. This longer spawn animation also leads to them having a longer period of invulnerability on spawn compared to other enemies.
  • ETG The Ghost of the Shell challenge modifier gives slain enemies a chance to spawn Hollowpoints.
    • The name of this challenge modifier is a reference to the Ghost in the Shell franchise.
    • Hollowpoints spawned this way have a unique spawn animation, rising in a swirl from the corpse of the slain enemy.
  • The name "Hollowpoint" is a reference to real world hollow-point bullets, so named because their slugs contain a hollow divot which causes them to expand outwards upon impact with a target for maximum damage.



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