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Player Status Effects

Appearance Effect Description
Status Player Burn.png Burn Damages the player each time the burn meter fills up. The burn meter continually fills while the player is on fire, and can be drained by dodge rolling.
Prevented by Ring of Fire Resistance, Hazmat Suit, Synergy.png Buggin' Out, Synergy.png Clearer Guon Stone, Synergy.png Cryptic Cryptids, and Synergy.png Hotter Than Heck.
Fire immunity does not prevent damage from fire traps.
Status Player Poison.png Poison Damages the player each time the poison meter fills up. The poison meter continually fills while the player is standing in poison goop, and drains while the player is out of poison.
Prevented by Monster Blood, Bug Boots, Clear Guon Stone, Gas Mask, and Hazmat Suit.
True curse status.jpg Curse Gives the player 1 point of Curse each time the meter fills. The meter continually fills while in the range of Cursed Pots, and drains while out of their range.
No items prevent this status effect.
StealthEffect.png Stealth Prevents enemies from seeing the player. Often cancelled upon the player dodge rolling, or firing a gun.

Can be given by certain items and Guns such as the Grey Mauser, Smoke Bomb, or Box.

PetrifiedPilot.png Petrification Inflicted by one of the Gorgun's attacks, or the 'Gorgun's Gaze' modifier in Challenge Mode.

Prevents the player from firing their gun.

Anger Status Effect.png Anger Doubles the player's damage output, turning them red and giving them a particle cloud similar to that of The Jammed.

Can be given by certain items such as the Enraging Photo, or Table Tech Rage.


  • Since flight from Wax Wings, Jetpack, Balloon Gun, Ring of Ethereal Form, Cat Bullet King Throne, and Synergy.png Contrail prevents players from touching goop, it will also indirectly grant players immunity to Fire (besides from touching a Muzzle Wisp) and Poison effects.
  • Since the Sponge automatically clears goop near the player, it indirectly grants players immunity to Fire (besides touching a Muzzle Wisp or walking on the lava streams in the Forge) and Poison effects (except the acid streams in the Black Powder Mine).
  • The Siren provides immunity to Fire and Poison effects while held.
  • Entering Bello's Shop will clear the burning effect.


Enemy Status Effects

Appearance Effect Description
Status Enemy Buffed.png Buffed Afflicted enemies have significantly increased health and speed.
Only granted by Gunsingers and Aged Gunsingers.
Companions can be given this effect by the Really Special Lute.
Status Enemy Burn.png

Status Enemy Green Burn.png

Javelin Fire.png
Burn Afflicted enemies continuously take damage.
Enemies burned by green fire will permanently burn.
Green fire inflicted on bosses only lasts as long as normal fire.
Green fire is only inflicted with certain synergies.
This fire can even hurt enemies that are normally immune to fire, such as the Skullet.

The Sunlight Javelin inflicts fire which has a unique, golden appearance, causing the enemy to glow yellow.

Status Enemy Poison.png Poison Afflicted enemies continuously take damage.
Status Enemy Charm.png Charm Afflicted enemies attack other enemies instead of players.
If there are no other enemies the enemy will stop attacking.
Charmed enemies' bullets can still harm the player, even though they won't aim at the player.
Charmed Gunsingers won't buff players.
Bullet Familiars summoned by the Lore Gunjurer will also attack enemies.
Bosses cannot be charmed, though enemies they summon can be charmed.
Status Enemy Encheesed.png Encheesed Afflicted enemies have slowed movement.
If the status effect is applied multiple times, the enemy will eventually freeze solid, completely halting all of its actions.
Enemies killed while fully frozen will spawn a large pool of cheese.
Bosses cannot be frozen, but will be slowed when not attacking.
Only inflicted by Elimentaler, Resourceful Sack, Chamber Gun in its Resourceful Rat's Lair mode, and cheese pools.
Status Enemy Fear.png Fear Afflicted enemies run away from the player.
Only inflicted by Stone Dome and the JK-47.
Status Enemy Slow.png Slow Afflicted enemies have slowed movement.
Only inflicted by Triple Crossbow, Chaos Bullets, and the Synergy.png I need scissors! 61!, Synergy.png Tears of Blood, and Synergy.png Chance On Hit synergies.
Status Enemy Freeze.png Freeze Afflicted enemies have slowed movement.
If the status effect is applied multiple times, the enemy will eventually freeze solid, completely halting all of its actions.
Slowed enemies regain their regular speed gradually.
Being completely frozen ends suddenly with a "plink" sound effect and the enemy taking damage equal to 1/3 of their base HP.
Players can roll into frozen enemies or continue shooting them to shatter them.
Bosses will be slowed, but cannot be frozen.
Bosses will gradually build up resistance to the slow effect until the slow becomes hardly noticeable.
Status Enemy Stun.png Stun Afflicted enemies cannot move or attack.
Bosses cannot be stunned.
Status Enemy Weakened.png Weakened Afflicted enemies have significantly decreased health.
Only inflicted by Synergy.png The Red Hood synergy.


  • Enemies can be frozen and burn at the same time.
  • Enemies that are shattered while frozen will often skip their usual 'on-death' effect, such as exploding, dropping pools of goop or spawning more enemies.
  • Rats will not appear to be visually tinted when poisoned other than emanating green bubbles.

Cosmetic Only Status Effects

These are status effects that can be applied to enemies, but have no purpose outside of cosmetic changes.

Appearance Effect Description
Tangledeffect.png Tangled Turns the affected enemies rectangular. Does not affect enemies that are also Jammed.

Inflicted only by the Tangler.

Encircledeffect.png Encircled Applies the rectangle effect as with the Tangled status effect, and crops the resulting rectangular enemy into a circle.

Inflicted only by the Tangler with the Synergy.png Full Circle synergy.

Glittery Bullet Kin.png Glittered Covers the enemy with sparkly glitter.

Killing a boss after covering it in glitter earns the player the Day Ruiner Achievement.

Has a chance to be inflicted by the package launched at the end of the Mailbox's clip.

Bloody Bullet Kin.png Bloody Turns the enemy red, greatly similar in appearance to the Jammed.

Inflicted by the Mutation.


  • The Tangled status effect began as a glitch with the game's sprites which was eventually incorporated into a feature.[1]


  1. Tweet by Dodge Roll Games "Something is very wrong here... But if the Gungeon doesn't work out for him, at least he has a future in Tetris."